When Travel is Better in Pairs


Would you agree that travel can be better in pairs? If so, that principle can also be applied to twin city breaks. Here are five of our favourite twin city excursions that aim to maximise your experience in Europe.

London and Paris (2h 15m)


These two super exciting and highly popular cities are within easy reach of each other via the high-speed Eurostar service. With regular daily services linking the two metropolis across the English Channel, you can have breakfast in London, lunch and a spot of shopping and gallery viewing in Paris before returning for your West End theatre play. Only 2h 15m each way, consider spoiling yourself by travelling in Business Premier or Standard Premier Class.

Toulouse – Barcelona (3h 12m)


When visiting a city that borders a neighbouring country, it’s almost impossible not to cross over for a look-see. Trust us, we know the feeling all too well! One of our favourite things to do is dart between Toulouse and Barcelona, only a 3h 12m train ride away from each other. Enjoying the best of the French villages and cuisine before hopping over to España for some vibrant beach and nightlife is made easy with the France-Spain High-Speed service.

Paris – Amsterdam (3h 17m)


From the City of Love and Lights to the City of Canals, this twin city pairing is one of the most popular among locals and travellers alike. While any time is a great time to go, we think springtime is best, so you can easily include a visit to the tulip fields of Keukenhof from Amsterdam. A journey that takes just 3h 17m on the Thalys high-speed train, you’ll be going from croissants to canals (and flowers) in absolutely no time at all!

Hamburg – Copenhagen (4h 50m)


Scandinavia is pretty far up north, but when you’re in the north of Germany, say Hamburg, it’s not actually that far! Therefore, a trip up to Denmark with Deutsche Bahn is a must! Why? Because it’s not every day that you can hop onto a train that then goes onto a ferry for a 50 min transfer. Indeed, it is quite a unique experience to say the least, and who doesn’t love a bit of salty sea breeze? The duration of the entire journey from Hamburg to Copenhagen is under 5h, and we highly recommend you do this sooner rather than later as there are plans to replace the ferry links with a tunnel from as early as 2028. 

Lucerne – Lake Como (5h)


One of the most scenic train journeys in Europe is the Gotthard Panoramic Express (previously known as the Wilhelm Tell Express) in Switzerland. The beauty of it is it includes a ferry ride on the stunning Lake Lucerne, and you can jump on using your Swiss Travel Pass (just book your seat reservation prior). From the historic city of Lucerne, you will first enjoy a thoroughly scenic ferry ride to the village of Flüelen, before continuing your journey  on the train through mountains and lush valleys to the city of Lugano. From there, it is only a 38 mins train ride to Como in Italy.

What are you favourite twin city breaks in Europe?

By the way, upping your twin city itineraries to triple city ones is easy by combining different carriers, or using your Eurail Global Pass.

For more inspiration, visit www.raileurope-world.com.

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