What to do in Paris: Top 10 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

eiffel tower
A couple in love, cuddling in front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris France

You know the feeling that seems to fill the air on Valentine’s Day? The feeling of love and romance lingering all around you. Whether you find yourself cuddled up with your loved one on the couch watching a sappy romantic comedy, or out on the town for an amazingly fantastic evening, Valentine’s Day makes your heart flutter a bit when you’re with the one you love. Well, those who travel to Paris claim this feeling is abundant every day, not just on Valentine’s Day!

Quoted as being one of the most romantic getaway cities, Paris truly is a wonderful city to spend time with your sweetheart. Each year, thousands of hands are asked in marriage at the Eiffel Tower, topping our list of romantic activities to do on your visit here! With a Paris Visite pass, Paris Pass or a special Champagne Tour (that takes you outside of the city), you can make the time you spend in Paris with your loved one, unbelievably romantic and memorable!

In this post we’ve put together our picks for top 10 romantic activities to help answer that age-old question, ‘what to do in Paris’.  Of course, there are countless other activities to enjoy in the City of Light, but these are among some of our favorites, enjoy!

What to do in Paris – Our Top 10 List of Romantic Activities!

10. A visit to the Latin Quarter
Stroll through the Latin Quarter, hand-in-hand with your sweetheart. Treat yourselves to a traditionally French meal at any one of the fine restaurants that surround the area (at a fraction of the cost compared to the really fancy places found in the heart of Paris!).

9. Enjoy the Paris Cruise ‘n Dine
Delight in a wonderfully romantic dinner cruise along the Seine River. Watch notable attractions pass by as you and your special someone float on your own piece of paradise. Along with breathtaking scenery, you’ll enjoy a terrific meal, presented with a fine assortment of wine and cheese. Live music fills the vessel and you can enjoy a special moment on the dance floor. The evening ends at the base of the Eiffel Tower…it doesn’t get more romantic then that!

seine river cruise
Couple enjoying a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine River, paris France

8. How about a lovely daytrip?
Treat yourselves to a day in Strasbourg. Using a France Rail Pass, hop aboard the TGV and embark on your romantic journey from Paris to Strasbourg. The train offers fantastic scenery to add ambiance to your trip – that is if you can keep your eyes off each other! Meander through the streets of Strasbourg taking in the German-French culture, a total transformation from what you see in Paris. A great city to spend a day in, and you can get there by train in just over 2 hours!

7. Anyone up for Champagne?
Indulge in a fully escorted day tour of the champagne region of France. Take the early morning train from Paris to Reims to begin this 8-hour tour (note that the train from Paris to Reims is not included in the price of the Champagne Tour). Champagne Day Tours include a personal guide, a tour and entrance tickets for the Champagne monuments, and more. You’ll even visit Dom Perignon’s tomb before returning to Reims. What a great way to spend the day with the one you love!

6. Get lost in an iconic museum
Take some time wandering down the long halls of the Louvre, embracing the magnificent work that fills the museum. Make a point of viewing the Mona Lisa and playfully debate the mood of the subject as well as who is being portrayed in the painting. Is it the artist’s lover? Self-portrait? You be the judge!

5. Explore the Palace of Versailles
Hop on the RER with your Paris Visite Pass and head to the Palace of Versailles. Here you can have a look around the golden palace. Stroll at your leisure through the amazing gardens. Then be sure to gaze upon yourselves in the renowned Hall of Mirrors. Don’t forget to snap some pictures of the gorgeous fountains; they’ll make a nice addition to your photo album!

4. Experience a bar with the most amazing view!
Stop by the Hotel Concorde La Fayette (with a reservation, of course!) and dine in the panoramic bar. Enjoy fantastically prepared food that is the perfect accent to the stunning views of Paris set before you. This will be a night all of your friends will be envious of when you return home!

Paris, France
3. Discover Paris together with a City Sightseeing Tour
Embark on a fabulous Tour of Paris with the luxury of hopping on and off at your leisure. Stop by sights such as l’Opéra, Champs Elysées, Trocadero and many more. A wonderful ending to this day of discovery would be a walk back to Trocadero to catch a glimpse of the city, twinkling with lights. From this vantage point you can snap some amazing shots of you and your love with the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the distance.

2. Walk along the Seine River
Take a relaxing walk along the Seine while sharing a warm crêpe (filled with strawberries, or chocolate perhaps!). Stop and have your picture drawn or painted by one of the talented artists that fill the sidewalk. A few Euros for the drawing will be worth the masterpiece you bring home, with the love you share captured forever in the artist’s work.

Topping off our Top 10 most romantic activities to do while in Paris list involves a climb up the Eiffel Tower. For years, Paris has been synonymous with love, and the Eiffel Tower always seems to emit that certain je ne sais quoi, “romantic vibe”…

eiffel tower
Stunning view of the Eiffel Tower at dusk, Paris France

1. Take your trip all the way to the top….of the Eiffel Tower, of course!
There is no better way to conclude your tour of Paris than to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower with the one you love. Stare out across the city and embrace the vision before you. Take your partner in your arms and practice the fine art of kissing (which the French have perfected). Not married or engaged? There’s no time like the present to pop the question! If you’ve already crossed that bridge,  simply enjoy the moment. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you will never forget the way you feel at that very moment!

Whether you’ve experienced some of the things on our list or not, one thing is for certain, you don’t need to look very hard for romance in Paris. Do whatever you think will be special.  Feel free to use some of our ideas but we also encourage you to create your very own magical memories!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to share tender moments with that special someone!

Have more romantic ideas for a trip to Paris? We’d love to hear them, please share them with us by commenting below!

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