High-Speed Rail News: Unveiling of the Ferrari Train in Italy. New SNCF schedules in France.

NTV Italo Train
NTV ITalo Train © Italo Treno – NTV S.p.A.’s

SNCF Reschedules 12,000 Daily Departures. Two Theories Swirl Around this Change: Big Bang and Chaos. Plus, environmental benefits of rail, delays on Frankfurt-London route and more –  all in our latest roundup of high-speed rail news from around the world.

  • A Meteoric Railway Event: The SNCF admits its “big bang” is likely to produce a few hiccups, when it reschedules 12,000 of its daily departures. Trains may have no drivers. Drivers may have no trains. Passengers may show up too late or find their usual train no longer stops at their station. In the long run, SNCD swears this new pattern of services will be more frequent and reliable. So, why are they doing this?
  • Qatar Cuts to the Chase: The partnership between Deutsche Bahn and Qatar Railways has entered a new phase. A planned subway network in capital Doha will connect the airport with the city center as well as soccer stadiums that will host the 2022 World Cup. A “Railways Steering Committee”, under the chairmanship of the Qatari Prime Minister, has been established for the development and coordination of the entire project. Why DB, and what are the next steps?
  • No Sasquatch Here: The carbon footprint of high-speed rail can be up to 14 times less than car travel and up to 15 times less than flying – even with construction and operation figured into the mix. So says the report, “High Speed Rail and Sustainability” conducted by the International Union of Railways. Read more on their convincing case study…
  • No Stopping ALSTOM: Building on its leading position in high-speed transport, ALSTOM recently unveiling the latest Pendolino trains at its plant in Italy, as well as its first “very” high speed AGV Italo trains. They are Europe’s first privately owned operator of high speed rail, selling 1,100 units worldwide. With sales of 5.6 billion in 2010-2011 and a workforce of 25,000 people, Alstom has supplied more trains operating at speeds of over 300 kph than any competitor on any continent. See what new routes are planned…
  • Va, Va, Va, Vroom: Where else but Italy would you find Ferrari red, high style, low-nosed trains with sleek interiors. New service Italo will feature a fleet of 25 trains linking Turin in the north with Salerno in the south, via Milan, Rome and Naples, as well as Venice with Rome. Despite the on-board luxury, Italo will remain affordable during these harsh economic times. Read more about the tiered pricing…
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