Travel to Granada, Spain, for the Hocus Pocus Festival

Abracadabra ~ And, you’re there!

Granada, Spain

The annual Hocus Pocus Festival fills the Spanish city of Granada with fascinating magic. Enjoy events for both the public and professionals, including HocusNights (magic shows), lectures and workshops at venues throughout the city.

This year’s Hocus Pocus Festival will feature performances by magicians and masters of illusion from Spain, China, France and Argentina. There will even be gala performances and clown workshops as well!

The festival runs in late November. Come to Granada and be mystified by illusions beyond your wildest imagination.

You can travel to Granada by train from Barcelona. It’s easiest to board an overnight train to Granada, the train takes about 11 hours. By taking the night train, not only do you save some money by avoiding a night in a hotel, but, you get to where you want to be and arrive relaxed and ready to start the day!

You can use a Eurail Spain Pass to help you explore all of the great destinations Spain has to offer. This pass provides you with unlimited access to the entire national rail network of Spain – a great asset to have with you on your trip to Spain!

For more information on Granada, or traveling in Spain, please visit the Spanish Tourist Office. More details for the Hocus Pocus Festival are available here, however, please be advised that this site is not available in English.

For all of you who attend this amazing festival, we’d love to hear what you think of it, be sure to leave us a comment!

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  1. World Travel says:

    In my eyes, the most beautiful destination for travel is Spain. I like Madrid, Barcelona and all other cities. Very beautiful country.

    1. Kaleigh says:

      Please teach the rest of these internet holigoans how to write and research!

  2. indiana says:

    if looking for a cheap accommodation in Granada I recommend an excellent place. A place full of colors and good vibes just a few meters from the Alhambra. so i recommend Hostels Granada

  3. Phil Bailey says:

    Outstanding place to visit. I last visited in June of 1989 and I was staggered by the beautiful views, historical locations and mountain tours. The people were very welcoming and many nights were spent playing guitar with locals in our cafe / bar. I still sigh when I see some of my snaps taken back then … The month before I met my wife, so times to remember 😉

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