Travel the Best Greek Islands Like a Mamma Mia Character


The Mamma Mia movie is back! Or rather, the story continues. More dancing, more singing, and most importantly: Cher. And lucky for you, we’ve mapped out how you can make your own Mamma Mia itinerary through the best Greek Islands with the Greek Islands Pass.

best greek islands

Which are the best Greek islands to visit?

This all depends on what you want to see and do, but we have some recommendations. First, Paros: the small island in the Cyclades was named one of Travel and Leisure’s best islands to visit in the world for 2018. Though not as well-known (or as Instagrammed) as Mykonos or Santorini, this little island is still quite popular for its beaches and nightlife.

After that,  hop over to Ios, whose name refers to the violet flowers growing on the island, and where you can find the grave of possibly the most famous Greek writer of all time, Homer.

best greek islands

Next up is Kos, birthplace of the famous Hippocrates (yes, like the doctor’s oath). Thanks to this, the island tends to attract travelers in search of some healing, either from its mineral springs or the dozens of sandy beaches to choose from. There’s also a small section of the woods that has become a sanctuary for peacocks and other local birds.

Next we’d recommend Crete, the largest and one of the most famous Greek islands. It offers a bit of something for everyone: want to lounge on the beautiful beach? Take a trek down one of the gorges? Try a watersport? Rent a scooter for some sightseeing? You can also find historical museums and a well-preserved 4000 year old Minoan palace.

best greek islands
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How to Travel Between the Greek Islands?

Enter the Greek Islands Pass. You use this pass in almost the same way you’d use any European rail pass, except in this case you’re hopping on and off of ferries, rather than trains. You can choose between two different pass options:

  1. The 6-Trips in 1-month Pass
    • 2 international ferry trips between Italy and Greece
    • 4 domestic ferry trips around the Greek Islands
    • Rail/bus transfer from the international port of Patras to the domestic port of Piraeus (and vice versa)
    • Fuel surcharge and port fees
    • 30% discount on all additional ferry trips
  2. The 5-Trips in 1 month pass
    • 5 domestic ferry trips around the Greek Islands
    • Fuel surcharge and port fees
    • 30% discount on all additional ferry trips

best greek islands

And as for the Mamma Mia soundtrack? That’s up to you!

Pricing and booking options for the Greek Islands Pass can be found online. Make sure to book in advance, as Greece can get busy during the summer, especially with this movie sequel being released.

Any tips for visiting the best Greek islands this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. There are so many islands to visit in Greece it could feel overwhelming. This is a great itinerary, especially for those who are looking to avoid the crushing crowds of some of the major islands, like Santorini and Mykonos.

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