We Ride The Glacier Express, One of the World’s Most Scenic Trains


This is part of our 2017 TalesOnRail Artist in Residence series, where we took two writers — one American and one Australian — through Germany and Switzerland by train. Follow along with our web series on Facebook or YouTube — new episodes air every week.

Ever wondered what the most scenic train ride in the world is? We think we may have found it: the Glacier Express.

You can do this amazing train ride all in one go, or you can split it up into smaller portions. The whole ride (between Zermatt and St Moritz) will take about 8 hours, which sounds like a long time but don’t worry, there’s fancy food and wine to keep you busy. You’ll travel through 91 tunnels and cross 291 bridges while you experience the alpine wonders of Switzerland.

The Glacier Express is famous for its panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, breathtaking rivers, peaceful alpine pastures, magical castles, and charming villages. It’s also famous for its unrivaled pampering of travelers throughout the train journey.

If you want the full experience, make sure to book a seat in the one of the panoramic train cars. This means that the windows wrap around the ceiling, so your Instagram views are completely unobstructed.

If you’re traveling with a Swiss Travel Pass (covering trains, buses, AND boats!), then you’ll just need to book your seat reservation supplement. This train requires that extra step because it’s popular and fills up quickly, so make sure to book early online to save your spot!

For more views along this epic route, check out Episode 7 of our TalesOnRail Artist in Residence web series!


Thanks to our friends at Swiss Travel System, Jungfrau Railways, and Interlaken Tourism, who helped to make this trip possible!

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