Tracking around the UK and Beyond by Rail


There is no question that the United Kingdom is one of the most popular holiday destinations for travellers. The birthplace of Shakespeare and the Beatles, this kingdom is not only steeped in history, it is also incredibly blessed with verdant landscapes and home to popular culture.

English Countryside

Whether you are planning a visit to one, two, three or all four countries, the best way to explore the UK and take in all it has to offer is by rail. Simply check out the range of BritRail Passes that best suit your travel needs. Here’s what you need to know and consider before your next trip over.

Comfort, Convenience and Flexibility

Go from city centre to city centre easily. No queues, no traffic jams.

With the freedom to hit the tracks whenever and wherever it suits you, you can go from city centre to city centre in style and comfort, while avoiding check-in queues and traffic jams. You can hop on and off as many trains as you like over the validity of your Pass and know that there is no limit on the distance you can travel within a travel day. This means you can easily visit a few places of interest in one day! Note however, high-speed trains require mandatory seat reservations and you can do this easily at the local train stations.


Canterbury, England

With the Pass you can explore all sorts of places by simply jumping on a train! Think Windsor, Brighton, Canterbury, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Stratford upon Avon, Oxford, Bath… and that’s just in England! As you can see, opportunities abound!

Venturing Across the Channel

Jump on the high-speed Eurostar to cross the English Channel

Should you wish to venture across the English Channel and onto the continent, look into our Eurostar ticket options for one way or return fares to popular destinations including Paris, Lyon, Brussels, Amsterdam and more. Eurostar services run regularly and the impressive high-speed train will get you from London to Paris in a mere 2h20m. While you may not see much while crossing the Channel, you can take the opportunity to indulge in the on board food service, charge up your electronic devices or enjoy a drink at the bar.

Travel Tips

Book in advance and save!

In order to save some pennies (up to 70% off regular prices), you might like to consider booking your BritRail Pass up to a year in advance. Otherwise, keep a look out for regular or seasonal promotions.

If you’re planning to go across the Channel, make sure you allow time to check-in at the Eurostar counter. Premier ticket holders can enjoy the Business Premier Lounge prior to departure.

So… Where will you head to first?

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  1. Avatar Harry says:

    Canterbury is beauty full place.The world’s first train season ticket was issued for the Canterbury and Whitstable railway in 1834.historical place

    1. Lyn Tan Lyn Tan says:

      Fabulous fun fact, thanks for sharing 🙂

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