Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Taking a Green Approach!


Seeing Ireland in a Greener Light

The color “green” conjures up different images to different individuals. Some people feel it refers to money and wealth, while others focus on environmental issues and ways to preserve the globe. And then on the other hand, green has been the term most widely used to describe the Emerald Isle, Ireland – with good reason, of course!

While there are various way s to travel, we suggest a Eurail Ireland Pass to aid you on your enchanting journey to Ireland. And for this post, we’ve put together some “green” things to do in Ireland that will help you save some “green” in the land of “green”!

St. Patrick led an astounding life. He was born in Britain, then kidnapped in his teens and brought to Ireland to spend six long years as a slave to a local landowner. When he was able to, he escaped and studied at a monastery in France. This brings us to #10 on our list!

Top Ten Green Things to do in Ireland

ireland england ferry
Traveling by Ferry between Ireland and Britain

10. Travel by Train & Ferry – From Ireland, you can easily get on a ferry and visit Britain. Although it is uncertain where exactly in Britain St. Patrick was born, you can certainly find some beautiful areas to spend some time in. After spending a few hours, you can get back on the ferry and travel back to Ireland, a similar trip St. Patrick took when he was kidnapped, but much more pleasant of course!

9. Keep the Country Clean – Ireland is truly a spectacular land to journey throughout. There are two things that you will not find much of as you travel by train, snakes and litter louts (litterbugs). Though legend claims Ireland is snake-free, you may stumble across one or two, but litter is pretty scarce, which certainly helps to keep Ireland “green”. And just as if you were at home, keep your eyes open for recycle bins and be sure to put your litter in the proper place.

8. Travel in St. Patrick’s Footsteps – If you find the life of St. Patrick fascinating, you can use your Eurail Select Pass to get from Ireland to France. The pass entitles you to a discount on the ferry crossing between Ireland and France. You can visit the Côte d’Azur and Auxerre and see where the Saint studied. Then hop aboard a train and head to Rome, where Patrick was granted the mission to go to Ireland to spread Christianity. Traveling by ferry and train helps reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere in comparison to flying between these destinations.

trinity college dublin
Trinity College, home to the Book of Kells, Dublin. Some rights reserved by psyberartist

7. Experience The Book of Kells – Should you be in Dublin, take a visit to Trinity College to embrace the great Book of Kells. Crafted on vellum, the pages of this book have held up from 800 A.D. Beautifully decorated pages, colorful, intricate artwork and fonts make this book a sought after attraction in Dublin. Just think, today the contents of the Book of Kells could probably be published and saved to a 2gb flash drive, however, we think you’d agree, it would lose a great deal of its appeal!

6. Strolling through Dublin – Take a relaxing stroll down the streets of Dublin, watching Celtic culture pass by before your very eyes. Cross the Ha’ Penny Bridge to get from the Temple Bar area to Liffey Street. You can cross the bridge freely without having to worry about paying the half-penny toll that used to be collected! Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned!

5. A Traditional Irish Pub Crawl – Using your Dublin City Sightseeing Tour, stop by the Guinness Brewery to see the facility and of course taste the famous brew! We also recommend visiting a few traditional Irish pubs to get a taste for Irish culture and life. Some of the best stories you will find are the ones being told in a traditional Irish pub! Plus, just think of all the water you’ll be conserving by indulging in the local brews!

4. Discover this Irish Trinity – While traveling, one of our favorite things to do in Ireland is to experience a trinity of a different kind. Take the train from Dublin to Galway, to Cork and back to Dublin. You will encounter a few changes in trains, but when you’re surrounded by such magnificent beauty, trust us, you won’t mind! A Eurail Ireland Pass can help you save money on this excursion.

ring of kerry
View of the Ring of Kerry, Ireland. Some rights reserved by Chris Murphy

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – You’re on vacation and will want to relay all you’ve seen and done to your loved ones back home. You may want to reconsider sending postcards and letters…instead, snap some amazing photos of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Temple Bar, the Ring of Kerry and many of the stunning castles throughout Ireland. Then, use a service such as Instagram to share your images. Don’t forget to tag your pictures using #RailEurope to be featured in our feed! Sharing images on social accounts not only saves you money, but consider all the trees will be spared as well!

2. Get Comfy & Cozy With the Blarney Stone – You cannot visit Ireland without kissing the Blarney Stone. The stone is located nearby the city of Cork, at Blarney Castle. Though a bit of work (you lean out of the castle wall and scale down a bit to get to the actual stone), the benefits are well worth it! It is said that those who kiss the Blarney Stone will be rewarded with a magical eloquence…in other words, you’ll be blessed with the gift of gab! With this new skill, you can tell everyone about your adventures, rather then writing it all, another way to help conserve paper!

connermara rainbow ireland
Rainbow in Connemara, Ireland. Some rights reserved by La Priz

1. Go rainbow chasing aboard the train – You can watch carefully out of the train window for these marvels of nature. Remember, at the end of the rainbow you’ll find a Leprechaun. Be careful though as Leprechauns are known to be tricky little fellas! They’ll be protecting their pots of gold. However, if you play your cards right, you just may win the pot!

A trip to Ireland will be one of the most magical trips you’ll ever take. The land emits a unique and mysterious vibe. Filled with legends and folklore, it is one of the most culturally rich countries within Europe. And though Leprechauns choose to travel by rainbows, you’ll be happy with your Eurail Ireland Pass – traveling by train. You’ll get to see even more as you gaze out the train window, maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to pass by some authentic fields of shamrocks!

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