High-Speed Rail News: The Need for Speed: It’s About Time


TGV Train

This edition of high-speed rail news really is about the fast track – to more cities at swifter speeds. So you can enjoy more of a place rather than worrying about how long it will take to get there. Spain, France and Germany are all making significant inroads to help travelers get where they want to go – and fast.

Spain’s New Route – Orange you Glad? AVE announces a new high-speed train to take travelers from capital Madrid to the country’s third largest city of Valencia. What used to take nearly four hours has been cut to a mere 90 minutes.  Come see this city that has spent the last decade innovating through its architecture and culture.

The Power of EST: Although not due to open until 2016, a second phase of the TGV est will cut the journey time from Paris to scholarly Strasbourg to under two hours. The Grande Île, Strasbourg’s historic city center, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was the first time such an honor was placed on an entire city center. In additional, travel from this city to duchy Luxembourg will be less than 90 minutes upon completion of this 106km extension.

DB Dipping Feet in Pond: Deutsche Bahn expects to launch regular ICE service from London’s St. Pancras Station to Frankfurt and Amsterdam in 2013. Initially, there will be three trains each way per day, and the goal is to reach Frankfurt in under four hours and Amsterdam in just over five. This is just the start of DB’s plans to expand its rail network throughout Europe.


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