#TalesOnRail Artists in Residence Day 5: GoldenPass & Mt Pilatus!


Day 5 of the trip had us heading up to another mountain peak: this time, Mount Pilatus. Once we got to the top, we enjoyed running around to explore the Dragon Path (dragons have been part of the mountain’s legend for years), stopping only to take it one of the many, many stunning views of the surrounding mountain peaks and city of Lucerne below. Bonus: as of 2017, the cogwheel train up to Mt Pilatus is now fully included in the Swiss Travel Pass!

Retrace our steps up Mt Pilatus and on the GoldenPass Line:

  • The cogwheel train up to the peak of Mt Pilatus is the steepest cogwheel train in the world! Quite the rush.
  • We filmed Jack and Sophie’s narration during our ride on the “Dragon Ride,” the cable car that took us from the peak back down the mountain. It was so smooth and so quiet and the views were just like nothing we had ever seen. Highly highly recommend.
  • We got to go tobogganing down the mountain! Special thanks to Colette from Pilatus Tourism for making this possible for us. (Pro tip: do NOT attempt to film an Instagram story while tobogganing. It’s not allowed and I learned this the hard way)
  • The GoldenPass Line is widely considered to be one of the most scenic train rides in the entire world. We can vouch for this. We had lunch on this train, and it was the best window view I think any of us has ever had for a meal.

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Thanks to our friends at Pilatus Tourism, Swiss Travel System, and Switzerland Tourism for one of the best days of the trip!

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