#TalesOnRail Artists in Residence Day 3: Avignon & Arles!


On Day 3 of the TalesOnRail trip, we took our first train! We woke up EARLY to catch a train from Paris to Avignon, which is about a 2 hour trip. We watched the sun rise from the train windows, enjoyed a few snacks in the train bar car, Jack took the first of many many naps, and then we arrived in Avignon!

We wandered around the city for a bit, saw the STUNNING umbrella installation that is making its way around cities all over the world, and then we took a trip out to Arles to follow in the footsteps of one of the most beloved artists to ever set foot in France: Van Gogh.

Check out our video for more! Don’t miss the part where Sophie falls into a ditch and we laugh before realizing we should help. Good times.


Retrace our steps in Avignon and Arles:

  • Avignon is stunning — there are little gelato shops and quaint stone buildings and little wine bars around every corner. It’s a photographer’s dream!
  • We loved our guided day trip from Avignon to Arles — we were picked up at our hotel, driven 30 minutes to Arles (in a blissfully air-conditioned van) and then taken around the city with a guide to see all of the famous spots Van Gogh painted.
  • We stayed in the lovely and super central Hotel de L’Horloge — literally our rooms looked out onto one of the most quaint courtyards and we were within walking distance of everything.
  • We were in town for the stunning light show! Hard to describe, you’ve just gotta experience it for yourself in person. Special thanks to Avignon Tourism for having us as their guests!
  • Pro-tip: If you want to watch the sunset from a stunning location, head over to the Palais des Papes and wander through the park that’s right next to it. It’s a slight hill, but do-able and it’s so, so worth it. All of your Instagram followers will seethe in jealousy.


We want to thank our friends at Avignon Tourism for the wonderful hotel stay and tickets to the light show. Our time in Avignon was too short!

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