#TalesOnRail Artist in Residence Program: Meet Jack & Sophie!


April 2016: Applications open in the US and Australia for our first ever Artist in Residence trip. We received amazing proposals from writers, artists, photographers, videographers, poets, and more. Some were very experienced and looking for a creative trip to jump-start their next creative ventures; others were just starting out and looking for the chance to take a trip that they might not otherwise be able to afford or manage.

It was a HARD choice but in the end our jury decided on Jack Callahan from the US, and Sophie Hardcastle from Australia. We couldn’t have asked for two better participants on this inaugural trip — our crew of four (Jack, Sophie, Jackie from Rail Europe, and Michael our videographer) got along immediately had the best time exploring, filming, riding the trains, eating more cheese than we ever thought possible, and brainstorming our respective creative projects.

Sophie is simultaneously wise beyond her years and delightfully youthful and optimistic, and she was a true joy to have on this trip. Always asking questions and eager to learn, up for anything and seemingly never out of energy. She has already accomplished so much in her life, and we can’t wait to see where her next projects take her. We’ll let her finish introducing herself:

Jack, also wise beyond his years, is more of a quiet observer. He was always listening and taking it all in while we explored new places, always walking a few extra minutes if it meant he could get a new and possibly better angle on something with his camera. Looking back through his photos, it baffles me that he was able to see certain things that the rest of us were not. We know that he will continue to be crazy successful in all his creative pursuits! Take it away Jack:

Join us next week for the first part of our trip: PARIS!

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