#TalesOnRail Artists in Residence: Days 1 & 2: Artsy Paris!


And so the trip begins!

In Episode 1, Sophie and Jack arrive bright and early on a Saturday morning, and we whisk them off almost immediately for a full day of Paris sightseeing. We take a literary tour through Saint-German-des-Pres and the surrounding areas, we enjoy an early evening apero at a sidewalk cafe, we stop by the famous Shakespeare & Co bookstore, we try some cocktails (really, really strong cocktails) at a hip bar along Canal St Martin, and then we pass out, exhausted, in our super hip rooms at Mama Shelter.

The next day, after we’d had a bit of rest from all of our flights, we were able to enjoy more of Paris. Watch as we explore the artistic parts of Montmartre, a train exhibition at a cool train-station-turned-bar called Ground Central (best name ever?), and a few other favorite local spots frequented by former artists and writers who loved Paris as much as we do. (And see if you can spot the train ticket that someone left on Oscar Wilde’s grave!)


Retrace our steps in Paris:

  • Montmartre is full of former artist and writer haunts! We did this awesome walking tour & got to see where Van Gogh once lived, plus a cafe where Picasso used to hang out, plus the neighborhood where Josephine Baker used to perform.
  • Shakespeare & Co, the Pantheon, St-Germain-des-Pres… if you’re a literary fan and you’re visiting Paris, you will nerd out on this walking tour.
  • We stayed at the lovely and artsy Mama Shelter hotel — thanks for having us, Mama!
  • Our French videographer Michael took us to a couple awesome local spots: La Recyclerie, a cafe/restaurant/mini flea market/outdoor hangout area (on former train tracks!) and then we played some classic petanque at Ground Central, an outdoor bar and exhibition of classic train cars. Can you sense a train theme here?
  • The Pere-Lachaise cemetery is the resting place of so many literary and artistic giants: Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Sarah Bernhardt, Colette, Gertrude Stein, Richard Wright, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, and more.
  • At the Pantheon, there are people called “Immortals” (actual job title) who are in charge of preserving the French language. #JobGoals.


In next week’s episode, we head south from Paris to a more laid back, whimsical, artsier side of France…

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