Tales on Rail: Get to Know Suzie


Hi there! My name is Suzie and I’m part of the Marketing Department at Rail Europe.  I recently returned from a Eurostar press trip and I’m looking forward to sharing travel tips and recommendations with you!

Suzie - Marketing Manager at Rail Europe, Inc.
Suzie – Marketing Manager at Rail Europe, Inc.

A little bit about me ..

In my prior role in Customer Relations, and in my current role as Marketing Manager at Rail Europe, I developed a broad understanding of our train products and other offerings.  I’ve also come to understand what travelers are looking for in terms of tips and recommendations.

And about my travels ..

I’ve had the chance to explore Europe by train a few times.  I’ve traveled in England, France, Germany, Italy & Switzerland. One of my favorite experiences was a TGV ride from Nice to Bruxelles (en route to Cologne) during which I was able to take in the scenery of Provence while enjoying a baguette and a glass of local red wine!

Train travel is the only way to go!  Everyone who has explored Europe by train (even Europeans themselves)  loves train travel, and I’m no exception.

So, when I was asked to help host a Eurostar group press trip – my answer was YES!  In my upcoming blog posts I will be sharing travel tips and suggestions that may help as you plan your next journey to Europe.

Stay tuned for my first post, coming soon!

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