Discover Collections of Human Quirks and Interests

Where there is a quirk or interest, despite how common or unusual, someone somewhere is bound to have a collection of it. And lucky for us, some of these collections are on display! So if you have ever gone through a failed relationship, have a thing for tiny bottles, shoes and/or fans, you might just…

UK’s Top Five

Travelling the UK by train is one of the most relaxing and scenic ways to discover the real landscape of Britain. With a fast and efficient rail network running up and down the country, you can escape the big cities and enjoy the rolling countryside in just a few hours. With so many different routes…

When Travel is Better in Pairs

Would you agree that travel can be better in pairs? If so, that principle can also be applied to twin city breaks. Here are five of our favourite twin city excursions that aim to maximise your experience in Europe.   London and Paris (2h 15m) These two super exciting and highly popular cities are within…

Begin 2019 with an adventure of Olympic proportions

Whether you’re plotting your first trip to Europe, or you’re a seasoned traveler looking for something different, you share the same purpose—you want to make the trip your own, and you want it to be memorable. Wondering where to begin? Follow this itinerary to discover 15 Olympic cities in nine European countries. A Eurail Global Pass…

London to Stonehenge: Traveling by Train to Legend & Mystery

Take the train from London to Stonehenge to experience the marvel & mystery of this fascinating site. Was this Stonehenge used as a burial ground? Perhaps an astronomical clock? Take a trip and use your imagination to decide for yourself!

Tales on Rail: Get to Know Suzie

Meet Suzie, Rail Europe’s own staff member. She recently traveled on her first press trip to London and Paris. Get to know Suzie and find out about her travel experiences in Europe.

Tales on Rail: Get to Know Teresa

Rail Europe’s own, Teresa, is the next staff member participating in a Rail Europe Familiarization trip. Get to know Teresa & travel along with her as she posts about her very first European adventure!