High-Speed Rail News: New Developments in France, Spain and the Eurostar

In this edition of our high speed rail news series, we cover new developments of high speed rail lines in France and Spain, the latest generation of TGV trains going into service, and environmental breakthroughs including a solar power train tunnel and Eurostar’s ambitious plan to further lower its carbon footprint.

From The Old Eurostar To The New Eurostar

Sixteen years and about 115 million passengers later – Eurostar has decided to rebrand. Along with a sleek new logo comes an all encompassing new name “Eurostar International”.

High Speed Rail News: Expanding Rail Networks in Europe

Our CEO, Frédéric Langlois, has written our latest edition to our blog post series “High Speed Rail News.” Learn about the latest achievements in High Speed Rail including on new routes and news from European railroads such as Eurostar, DB, Trenitalia and more..

Eurostar trains in Summer and Ski season

Eurostar is adding more trains thanks to increased ridership and focusing on ease of connections and Swedes are celebrating their own milestones. All this in this week’s Fast Track.