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Chill out in Switzerland this summer

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Summer is rapidly approaching (depending on where you are, the weather may not indicate that!) and many folks are planning their summer getaways. This year, to beat the heat why not plan a fabulous Swiss adventure?

Switzerland is one European country that truly offers something for everyone. And the really great part — the Swiss have an amazing rail network to take you where you want to go. Get a Swiss Pass for unlimited access to the Swiss Travel System.

Swiss trains are highly acclaimed for their punctuality and frequency. There are specialty trains that can take you to mountain tops, scenic trains such as the Glacier Express and GoldenPass that offer wonderful panoramic views of the country and even a Chocolate Train, which provides a day long excursion that includes a visit to the Cailler-Nestle factory as well as the Gruyeres cheese factory.

While Switzerland is a cool destination to visit, don’t be fooled, you can find some hot-spots too! Travel by train to Locarno and you can walk down streets filled with palm trees while watching the mountains in the distance.

Our friends at the Swiss Tourist Office would like to add the following:

We invite you to discover 72 “pearls” with unforgettable and extraordinary experiences in Switzerland. Each region offers unique suggestions for young and old, for tall and small. Let us surprise you with our hidden treasures.

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  1. Avatar Heidi says:

    If I get a second class Swiss Flexipass, can I use a travel day for the Chocolate Train, which is only first class, by paying an upgrade?

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