Swiss Peaks: Enjoy Breathtaking Views at 360 degrees

So why are the peaks of Switzerland so great? What makes the Swiss peaks so much greater than those of any other country? Do I have to climb these peaks to get to the top?!  Sit back while we shed some light on what are arguably some of Switzerland’s most popular attractions. And our opinion–the higher you climb, the greater the find.

Swiss Peak and Flag
Visiting the Swiss Peaks

Peaks are all about the views. Chances are, if you’re standing on top of a peak in Switzerland, you will have beautiful 360 degree view of everything that surrounds you. As we’ve continued to climb and admire these mountain peaks throughout the decades, we’ve sought out new opportunities to interact with the peaks as much as possible once we’ve reached the top. Now we can enjoy restaurants, caves, inner-tubing, dog sledding, or some scenic hiking. The opportunities are endless and it all depends on which peak you pick.

Where are Switzerland’s Peaks?

Everywhere! Ok, they aren’t exactly everywhere, but there are a lot of peaks from which to choose. Here’s a list with links of a few of the most popular Swiss Peaks:

Mt Allalinhorn

Mt Brienzer Rolthorn

Mt Cardada

Mt Niesen

Mt Rochers-De-Naye

Mt Saentis

One peak not to be missed is Mt Stanserhorn. Mt Stanserhorn has been getting a lot of attention lately for its newest cable car, the CabriO– the first double-decker cable car in the world-complete with an open-air top deck. Like a convertible, 6,234 feet up, with 360 degree views that include three countries (see if you can spot the Black Forest in Germany!), almost a dozen lakes, and over 60 miles of Alpine mountains.

Check out this video and take a peek of the CabriO and its 360 degree views in Switzerland:

Traveling to Mt Stanserhorn by Train

So we’ve piqued your interest?

To get up to Mt Stanserhorn, you’ll need to start in Lucerne. Lucerne is a popular destination in Switzerland and is easily accessible from pretty much any other Swiss city by train. If you’re traveling with the Swiss Pass, your train ride to and from Lucerne is included in the pass.

Your next stop after Lucerne is Stans, which is another quick train ride (about twenty minutes). After Stans, you’ll take a five-minute vintage funicular tram ride to what is called the “middle station,” which is where you’ll pick up the CabriO car. Send us your pictures from the top.

Happy travels!


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