French Trotters Store: Chic Shopping in the Heart of Paris

Picture & Copyright Jarry M.J./Tripelon J.F./CRT Ile-de-FranceYou made it to Paris and have indulged in too much chocolate, croissants, crepes and cassoulets. From Left Bank to Right you’ve downed wines from the regions across France. This is joie de vivre at its finest. So as you’re walking along a quiet corner of the Marais – there’s a snap. Or is it a tear? Is it your pants? Don’t panic. Chicly walk to the nearest cab and ask to be taken to “French Trotters,” where you’ll not only find a new pair of pants, but possible a whole new outlook on style.

Featuring clothing designers from all over the world with an emphasis on Scandinavia, Japan, Australia and New York, it features the carefully edited selections of French Trotter buyers and fashionistas Carole and Clarent.

Once you’ve found a new pair of pants (and top to match), check out the selection of furniture, fragrance and art. Everything has been chosen for the most sophisticated of tastes. Many collections are exclusive to the store, which is why it’s also a must-stop for savvy locals too.
This is a truly unique Parisian experience that may knock your socks off. Fortunately, you’ll be in the perfect store to replace them.

How to get to the French Trotters Stores:  Subway Stations– Saint-Sebastien-Froissart (3rd Arrondissement)– Bastille (11th Arrondissement)– Ledru-Rollin (11th Arrondissement)

To cover all of your Parisian shopping around the city there is unlimited travel using the Metro and bus system anywhere in Paris (Zones 1-6) with the Paris Visite.

For French Trotters store locations in Paris click here.

Addresses: 30 rue de Charonne – 75011 Paris
116 rue Vieille du Temple – 75003 Paris

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