#ParisWeLoveYou: Top Bloggers Share Love Notes to Paris


It’s no secret that France is one of our favorite places in Europe. We love everything about the French way of life — the food, the fashion, the architecture, the history, the attitude — and we especially love Paris, the capital of all things French.

Paris is a very personal place for so many people, whether they’ve visited once or twice, for a day or for several months, alone or with a loved one. And for this reason, we asked some of our blogging friends why they love Paris so much, and what the French way of life means to them.

And this is what we really love most: we didn’t ask one person to talk about food, and another person to talk about architecture, etc — we didn’t give any guidelines other than asking what Paris personally means to each person. And yet everyone gave such different and equally fabulous answers, and it really shows that there are almost infinite things to love about this wonderful city.

So take it away, ladies (and one gentleman! You’re in good company, Tim) — and follow along with this great campaign on social media with the hashtag #ParisWeLoveYou for the rest of April!

“Having just celebrated my one year anniversary living in Paris, I could wax poetically for hours about the virtues of the City of Light. In fact, I’ve listed 150 of them. However, if I had to narrow my love for Paris down to one thing it would be joie de vivre. There’s a certain pageantry in Paris. It’s an espresso on the terrace and a bottle of wine along the Seine. It’s leisurely walks and loving kisses in the shadows of Haussmannian buildings. Parisians embrace life’s pleasures in a way few other people do.”

-Leah Walker, Leah Travels

The Pink House in Montmartre may just be the cutest building I have ever seen.

A photo posted by ✈ Audrey Bergner Jeffery ✈ (@thatbackpacker) on

“Paris to me is all about the food! A visit to the city means starting the morning off with a café au lait and pain au chocolat, snacking on a colourful macaron mid-morning, having a baguette picnic for lunch, treating myself to crêpes au nutella for an afternoon pick me up, and then finishing off the night with a steaming bowl of soupe à l’oignon for dinner. Some might say that’s cliche, but when I’m in Paris I like to enjoy those classic French meals.”

-Audrey Bergner, That Backpacker

“There’s a good reason the mayor of the 9th arrondissement is pushing for the inclusion of historical Parisian rooftops in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites! Unlike many modern capitals, there are very few tall towers in the Paris skyline, just a beautiful monochromatic sea of grey zinc rooftops that either blend in with the clouds on a rainy day or stand out against the bright blue sky when the weather is nice. I never tire of that view, but rather than head to the touristy top of the Arc de Triomphe or Printemps, I love the views from the Pantheon, the Institut du Monde Arabe or the BHV department store which recently opened a fabulous rooftop bar called Le Perchoir.”

-Laetitia Brock, French Twist D.C.

Today’s agenda: finding the best of French fashion // #paris

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“My very first trip abroad was to Paris when I was 11: I fell in love with pain au chocolat, shopping on the Champs-Elysee, the view of the Eiffel Tower. My mom is fluent in French and studied in France, and she instilled in me a healthy love of all things French from a young age–and it’s definitely stuck. I’ve visited Paris, France more than any other place and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the winding cobblestone alleys, a sunny afternoon strolling along the Seine, a falafel at L’As du Falafel and a scoop at Pozzetto.”

-Christine Amorose, C’est Christine

“I adore Paris. One of my favorite things about the city was being able to wander around Montmartre while nibbling on baguettes and macarons. Another one of my favorite Paris memories was letting the wind blow through my hair as I rode a velib bike around the Eiffel Tower. There are so many wonderful memories that I have during my time in the city, and I will never forget them.”

-Chanel Brown, Cultural Xplorer

au revoir, #paris.

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“Paris, to me, is indulgence, which is why I connect so deeply with it. I am ever-longing to be sitting on a balcony atop its battered rooftops, overlooking a cobbled Montmartre thoroughfare, savoring a heavy glass of red wine, and practicing France’s lush language. Paris is the only city to which I’ve ever even considered booking a one-way ticket.”

-Ariel Goldberg, Wanderful

#tbt to Parisian charm along the Seine earlier this Fall #paris #parisjetaime #wanderlust

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“For me Paris was love at first sight. The city represents for me the utter embodiment of experiencing the best life has to offer. To truly see, taste, listen and embrace everything that is good in this world. To not just rush through life but rather flâneur. It is a city that has given much enrichment to my life and a place I know I can always return to when I need a dose of beauty.”

-Meghan Donovan, Wit & Whimsy 

“Paris is my happy place. This is where I got to load up on motivation, to indulge in cheeky sessions of café en terrasse, to broaden my horizons, to watch the elegant Parisian go about their day. In a nutshell, Paris is 105 square kilometers of pure inspiration.”

-Marie-Eve Vallierès, To Europe & Beyond

“On my most recent trip to Paris, I discovered again and again what a gift our time is. The city kept reminding me to take my time and slow down: to savor a glass of wine at lunch, listen to the sound of church bells chiming the hour, and linger on the banks of the Seine at sunset. I loved that Paris isn’t a city to rush through—it invites you to live every moment richly, and to its fullest.”

-Candace Rardon, The Great Affair

Cool street art rue Amelot. #streetart #paris

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“Paris has some world class museums but you don’t need to step foot into Orsay or the Fondation Cartier to see some amazing art. The city that has inspired so many writers, painters and photographers is truly an open air canvas for street artists! I grew up in the 11th arrondissement, just outside the tourist hub of the Marais, and love wondering the streets there, looking for the latest Space Invader mosaics! Other parts of the city, like the 20eme arrondissement, also do an amazing job at encouraging urban artists to express themselves and providing public space for their work.”

-Laetitia Brock, French Twist D.C.

Look up! Paris is beautiful from every angle, especially against blue skies.

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“Paris inspires me. There are many great cities, but only here have I found the energy that gets me going every day. I walk around the city and can’t stop grinning, people might thing I’m high… But that’s what Paris does to me: its stunning architecture, parks, café terraces, and overall vibe of joie de vivre make me appreciate every day and go after my dreams. That’s why I moved here.”

-Pola Henderson, Jetting Around 

“If Paris were a person, she would be a drinker, a smoker, a fashionista and a passionate lover who doesn’t watch what she eats yet somehow remains incredibly beautiful on the outside while being a quirky, dainty little flower on the inside. She has a fun, confident, youthful spirit, yet is mature, wise and incredibly interesting if you give her enough time and attention. I feel blessed to have become an acquaintance!”

-Tim Charody, The Beer Pilgrim

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