Our New European Train Route Pages: A Traveler’s Best Friend


Planning a trip can be stressful. There is so much to consider — where you’ll be staying, how you’ll get there, what you’ll eat, what you’ll see, which converter/adapter you’ll need, the difference between a converter and adapter —

You’re on your own with the adapters, but we can help you with the rest. Let’s take it from the beginning stages of your train-trip planning, shall we?

You’re trying to figure out where you want to travel in Europe. Or you already know exactly where you want to travel but you have no idea what products you need to get you there — tickets? Rail pass? Hitchhiking?

You look at the Rail Europe home page. You notice something towards the left hand side — a link for Popular Routes.

train routes blog post


You are intrigued. You click on the link and are met with a page that shows you all of the most popular train routes in and between France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Britain, The Netherlands, and more —

rail europe train routes

Where to go? How long between each route? How many train rides can you squeeze into one itinerary? Where are the train stations? You notice a route you were interested in traveling, Paris to Barcelona, and you click on it —

rail europe paris to barcelona


On the top half of the page, you see a few beautiful images of Paris and Barcelona, along with a one-minute video that answers some FAQs about traveling with train tickets. Below that, you see a description of the particular train that will take you between these two cities — in this case, it’s called the France-Spain High Speed Train (pretty easy to remember as far as train companies go, right?)

To the right you see the option to search for your tickets on a particular date and time. But wait! Before you book, you still have a few questions you want answered….

rail europe paris to barcelona

You scroll down and see the following:

  • The names of the train stations where you’ll arrive and depart, and a description of each (and links to the other nearby train stations in each city)
  • An FAQ section tailored to this specific route
  • Suggested day or overnight train trips from both Paris and Barcelona — to give you ideas for where you might like to head next
  • A Popular Activities section, offering advice about travel within the cities on public transportation and possible sightseeing options

In putting these new route pages together, we looked at some of our most searched routes and cities, some of your most frequently asked questions, and of course we thought about it from the perspective of a traveler in Europe — if we were heading off to explore Europe by train, what would we want to know before we left?

We hope you enjoy these new route pages and we look forward to hearing your feedback on this post, Facebook, and Twitter. Let us know which route you want to travel!

P.S.: So far some of the most popular pages have been

P.P.S: We’ve also re-vamped our┬ápages for individual trains, like the TGV and Eurostar. More on that soon!

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