Oslo to Bergen: The Train You Definitely Don’t Want to Miss!

Train from Oslo to Bergen, Norway
Train from Oslo to Bergen, Norway

If you want some practice with your superlative adjectives, try describing the train ride from Oslo to Bergen. It is widely agreed to be one of the best scenic train rides in the world, reaching the highest altitudes of any other train ride in Europe, and shocking travelers with the most dramatic landscape transformations as the seasons change from one to the next.

So let’s take it all in, shall we? Superlative by superlative.

Oslo to Bergen: The Best Scenic Route

It’s impressive to think that any European train route can compete with Switzerland in terms of scenic views, but Norway makes a pretty strong case for itself. Like Switzerland, Norway has gorgeous mountain views, quiet countryside, magnificent glaciers, majestic forests, and quaint little villages, but it also has one thing that Switzerland doesn’t have – mesmerizing fjords. These almost mystical formations lend an aura of mystery to the Norwegian landscape, leaving the traveler feeling as though he or she is a world apart, in a land less explored.

The Oslo to Bergen train ride is so charming, in fact, that it is the main leg of the Norway in a Nutshell scenic tour. Add on a ferry ride through the fjords or a tram ride on the old Flam Railway, or keep it simple with the seven-hour journey between Norway’s two most popular cities, Oslo and Bergen. As long as your train, tram, or boat has windows — and, well, they all do — your view will be magnificent.

Oslo to Bergen: The Highest Train Ride

The train from Bergen to Oslo boasts the highest altitude of any other train route in Europe. It’s probably the closest you can get to literally being “on top of the world” in a train. The highest point on the route is Finse, at 1,222 meters above sea level, and the train also passes over a stretch called Hardangervidda, which is the highest mountainous plateau in Europe. As you journey further and further up the mountains and away from the hustle and bustle of Europe, sit back in your seat and enjoy the views from the top of the world – or from your own personal little corner of the world, at least.

Oslo to Bergen: The Best View in Every Season

You could take this train once every season and catch a different view out the window each time. The seasons take a drastic toll on the scenery of Norway, transforming it into an entirely new landscape every few months, each one more beautiful than the next. Mountains, snow, greenery, wildlife, rooftops, sunsets, sunrises – no matter what it is you want to see, this route covers it all at some point during the year. If traveling in winter, try to take an early train – the days are much shorter during this time of year, with darkness usually falling around 4pm. In the summertime, travelers can enjoy sunshine into the early hours of the morning — fjords at midnight, anyone?

Traveling by train from Oslo to Bergen

The train ride from Oslo to Bergen is about seven hours long.

The trains along this route only offer one class of service, but Scandinavian trains are known for being some of the most comfortable and well-maintained in Europe.

If you purchase a train ticket to travel from Oslo to Bergen, the seat reservation will be included in the price of the ticket. Seat reservations are mandatory for this route since the journey is a pretty decent length (about 7 hours) and since the train ride is part of the scenic Norway in a Nutshell tour.

If you choose to travel with a rail pass instead of a ticket, the pass will cover the ticket price of the train, but the reservation cost will be an additional fee. Reservations can be purchased about 60 days in advance, and should be – this route is a popular one for obvious reasons, and it fills up quickly, particularly during the summer.

The following rail passes cover the train from Bergen to Oslo:

Eurail Scandinavia Pass
Eurail Norway Pass
Eurail Norway-Sweden Pass
Eurail Global Pass
Eurail Select Pass (including Norway)

If you decide to travel with the Norway in a Nutshell or Sognefjord in a Nutshell scenic tours, the seat reservation for the Oslo-Bergen route will be a separate cost.

We hope this guide has been helpful, and we wish you every possible superlative — well, all of the positive ones, of course — on your train trip from Oslo to Bergen!

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  1. Avatar Juanes says:

    Fantastic article !

  2. Avatar Phyllis litalien says:

    The most memorable train ride I have ever experienced. Well worth every minute.

  3. Avatar Mary Wang says:

    How different is the view from Bergen to Oslo? Is it along the same route? If it is drastically different, would you recommend taking a train from Oslo to Bergen and taking a ship back to see the fjord?

  4. Avatar Christine van Wyk says:

    May I please use some of your photos? I will cite and link your blogpost. 🙂

  5. Avatar Pam Hull says:

    We are booked on the train from Oslo to Berge with seats 65 and 66. Can anyone tell me if those seats are on the right or left side of the train? And is it worth upgrading to comfort? Thank you so much for any info!

    1. Chris Tutolo Chris Tutolo says:

      Hi Pam,
      Thanks for reading! From the resources we have, it appears seats 65 and 66 are on the right side of the train. However seating configurations can be different on different departures, and trains can always change direction during the trip so we cannot guarantee this. Seats are randomly assigned and not under the control of Rail Europe. Changing seats can only be arranged on board by speaking to the conductor.

      As you already have seats, you may be able to upgrade to Komfort class locally. The seats are the same as standard, but the upgrade includes free tea and coffee, newspapers, and seating is in a separate area on the train.

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