Norway’s Most Instagrammable Train Routes

Today we welcome guest authors Katie & Geoff from Wandertooth to the blog! They just finished a quick trip through some of Norway’s most Instagrammable train routes, and they’re here to share their expert tips (spoiler: some of these tips include cinnamon buns.) Take it away Katie & Geoff!

instagrammable train routes

We started collecting our #Talesonrail in Oslo, Norway’s hip, clean and gorgeously green capital city. We spotted this view at Ekeberg Park. It’s the same view (albeit more than a century later) that inspired the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch to create his most famous work: The Scream. The skyline has certainly changed since then, and this picture below shows an area of Oslo known as The Barcode, a name inspired by the modern, angular buildings. If you find yourself in Oslo on a summer evening, walk 5 minutes from The Barcode area to Sørenga, a nearby neighborhood with a great waterfront scene.instagrammable train routes

You know how people say that travel is about the journey, not the destination? That is definitely true in Norway! We took two of Norway’s most scenic trains to arrive at the view you see below. From Oslo, take the scenic Dovre line to Dombås. Switch to the Rauma Line, one of the most beautiful train trips in Europe, and the gateway to some of Norway’s most popular spots for visitors.

From the end of the Rauma line, hop on a public bus toward Geiranger, and you’ll stop here: the switchback-filled, waterfall-packed, and stunningly beautiful Trollstigen!

instagrammable train routesA trip to Norway isn’t complete without some serious fjord time, and the beautiful and UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord is a great bet. You can reach the Geirangerfjord from the end of the Rauma train line. Start in either Oslo or Trondheim and take the Dovre line to Dombås. Switch to a train to Åndalsnes, and then catch a bus to Geiranger. Definitely check out the waterfall walk while you’re in town. 327 steps up to the top of Storfossen, and great views of the town and fjord below. After enjoying the waterfall, stop in at the bakery on your walk back into the town centre. Great cinnamon buns!

instagrammable train routesAnother one of Norway’s famous railways, the Flåmsbana, runs from Myrdal to Flåm, and can be reached on an Oslo-Myrdal or Bergen-Myrdal train. In the one hour or so that it takes to ride the 20km Flåmsbana, you’ll experience an 866m change in altitude, stop at a waterfall, and enjoy some of Norway’s most beautiful scenery! We thought the best scenery was on the left of the train, riding from Myrdal to Flam.

instagrammable train routesAnd we finish this series of Instagrammable train routes with the colorful scene below in Bergen, Norway, which lies at one end of the scenic Oslo-Bergen train line. The oldest part of the city is known as Bryggen, and is filled with red, yellow and white wooden buildings like these ones, which were built after a massive fire in 1702. Fair warning: Bergensers seem to take a strange pride in their status as Europe’s rainiest city, so we definitely recommend you bring some wet weather gear! If you forget your raincoat, shops around town sell bright yellow ones, which add some color on a rainy Bergen day!

instagrammable train routes

So what do you think of Norway’s most Instagrammable train routes? You can easily reach all of these stunning places with a Eurail Norway Pass (and also a Eurail Select Pass that includes Norway as one of the countries). Happy traveling!

All photos taken by Wandertooth!


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