High-Speed Rail News: New Thalys Train Destinations


Imagine being on your train, and instead of “stopping” at your destination, you’re whisked onto a moving platform. Sound like sci-fi? One designer thinks the future is now. This edition of Fast Track also discusses the development of solar powered trains and Japan’s entry into the lightning-fast world of Maglev. Back in Europe, Germany is adding more “red” trains to its lineup.

Let’s get movin’…

Next Stop: Not Stopping: Designer Paul Priestman of UK-based Priestmangoode has dreamed up a way for high-speed trains to pick up passengers and drop them off – without ever slowing to a screeching halt. Stop and learn more

A Hot Idea: FEVE and The University of Leon have joined forces to develop a solar powered train. This electric locomotion will be powered by photovoltaic solar energy, under the futuristic-sounding name, “RoblaSolar.” According to both parties, this is a pioneering project in engineering, utilizing the latest technologies and methods of propulsion. More on the rise of the sun…

Pure Magnetism: Japan has always been at the forefront of technology – and now the country is ready to outpace the rest of the world with a brand new Maglev line of trains. Without relying on engines or wheels, they float above the tracks on a frictionless magnetic field. Did we mention the speed? A knuckle-whitening 313 mph will whisk travelers from Tokyo to Osaka. Pulled in? Keep reading…

Seeing Red x Three : Starting August 29, Thalys (also known as the “red train”) will serve three new destinations in Germany: Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Essen. These cities are all located in the industrial and economically diverse region of Ruhr in western Germany. Read the gut news

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