Why Mount Rigi Should Be On Your Bucket List


Mount Rigi Rail EuropeThere are so many stunning mountain peaks in Switzerland, it’s almost hard to choose between them. So why Mount Rigi?

How to Reach Mount Rigi

First of all, it’s really easy and affordable to get there. Lucerne and Arth-Goldau are both good starting points for your trip up to Mount Rigi. If you’re in Lucerne, we recommend taking the boat ride across the lake to the Vitznau station. This is one of the stations where you can catch the cogwheel train up the mountain. Fun fact: Mount Rigi’s cogwheel train was the first one in Europe! Another fun fact: both the boat ride on Lake Lucerne and the cogwheel train up the mountain are included with the Swiss Travel Pass.

(And a bonus: the boat ride on the lake is a fun way to get an overview of the area, and it offers about 43493 Instagram opportunities of the quaint Swiss homes & businesses located along the shore. If you take this ride, make sure to tag your Instagrams with #swisstravelsystem and #talesonrail so we can follow along!)

mount rigi rail europe

If you’re heading to the area by train, then Arth-Goldau might be more convenient for you.The cogwheel station is right near the SBB train station in Arth-Goldau (you’ll see signs directing you to the cogwheel train).

Both rides offer stunning views up the mountain! Our recommendation is to do the Rigi Roundtrip: go up one way and come down the other way, so you can get the best of both routes.

mount rigi

What To Do on Mount Rigi

What can’t you do? In the winter, you’ll find snowshoeing routes, hiking, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, and, our personal favorite: the Mineral Spa. At the Rigi Kaltbad Hotel, you’ll find one of the most stunning spas you’ve ever seen. When else can you say you relaxed at a spa on top of a mountain? Designed by Mario Botta, the spa is a relaxing haven filled with 34 degree (Celsius) water from Rigi’s “Three Sisters” mineral spring, and there’s even an outdoor pool with a view overlooking the mountains.

The hotel also offers a choice of restaurants at different price levels, so that anyone from families to couples to solo travelers can find something to fit their travel style.

For a stunning happy hour in the clouds, like the one we enjoyed during last year’s #TalesOnRail Artist-in-Residence trip, try the deck at the Rigi Kulm hotel. It also has a self-service interior restaurant that is a good option for families.

In the summertime, travelers can still enjoy hiking, parasailing, and some of the other activities also offered during winter, but there are also a few BBQ areas (pro tip: do this at sunset), plus a few outdoor playgrounds for kids.

Leaving Mount Rigi

As much as you don’t want to come back down the mountain, you’ll have to return to real life at some point. If you come back down to Vitznau by cogwheel, you can either 1.) catch the boat back into Lucerne or 2.) you can take a bus along the lake (both bus and boat are covered by the Swiss Travel Pass). If you take the cogwheel to Arth-Goldau, you can take a train back over to Lucerne (once again — you guessed it! — covered by the Swiss Travel Pass).

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