Discover Collections of Human Quirks and Interests


Where there is a quirk or interest, despite how common or unusual, someone somewhere is bound to have a collection of it. And lucky for us, some of these collections are on display!

So if you have ever gone through a failed relationship, have a thing for tiny bottles, shoes and/or fans, you might just raise your eyebrows with interest when it comes to these collections.

Wacky, ridiculous or fascinating? The verdict is yours. Because #WhateverFloatsYourBoat.

Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, CROATIA

Image courtesy of Museum of Broken Relationships

Established by former lovers Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic in 2006, the concept was initially created to help them heal from their breakup. However,  as their collection of sentimental items grew from donations from friends and others, the museum, which found its permanent set-up in Zagreb in 2010, became a space of “secure memory” for those who have gone through failed relationships. If and when you go, feel free to leave your mark by contributing to the collection as part of your own love legacy celebration, closure ceremony or even emotional therapy. Seems to work for many… Best way to travel around Croatia is with a Croatia Pass.

Mini Bottle Gallery in Oslo, NORWAY

Image courtesy of Mini Bottle Gallery

The world’s only and largest assortment of miniature bottles, the collection, like most things, initially began as a hobby. 53,000 bottles later, the collection is exhibited across three floors – some in vaults and others in specially designed installations. The bottles come from around the world and displayed according to their colours and themes.

Some are filled with fruits and pretty things, while others are filled with worms and some not so pretty things. And if you have an adventurous streak, then slide down into the horror room! Chances are, that’s probably where the less pretty bottles are housed. While exploring the land of Vikings, the Scandinavia Pass will come in handy.

Sex Museum in Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Sex Museum Amsterdam

Visited by more than half a million people each year, the world’s first and oldest museum of its kind, Amsterdam’s Sex Museum precedes all of the other sex museums around. And trust us, your understanding of “sexy time” may just be expanded far beyond your wildest imagination with just one visit here…

With a myriad of all things sex related including photos, videos, recordings, toys, equipment, historical and mythical figures and much, much more, a visit here will serve up the sex education you never received. Use your Benelux Pass to get around The Netherlands.

Fan Museum in Greenwich, London, The UK

Museum of Broken Relationships
Fan museum in London

The only gallery in the world solely dedicated to fans, the museum, which is itself an 18th century piece of art, is home to more than 3,500 fans with histories dating back to at least 3000BC. Fans from the earliest of times and those from each century from around the world since then are carefully documented and elegantly displayed encouraging much oohs and aahs from fan fans. Even if you don’t care much of fans, the intricate designs, elaborate detailing and the sheer artistic creativity applied to these masterpieces will guarantee to impress. And if you’re a fanatic, there are even fan making classes you can sign up to! Use your BritRail Pass to explore the UK.

Which museum(s) are you most likely to visit? And what other quirky museums do you know of to add to this list?

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