Like Palaces, Gardens & Zoos? Visit Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna!

© Chad Goddard Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
© Chad Goddard Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Most of the time we focus on the best way to travel between your favorite European cities – but what about traveling within the city once you get there? Metro trains and inner city trams are equally as efficient as inter-city trains, and they are just as integral to the classic European experience. Vienna is a great city to use as an example due to its extremely efficient public transportation system. Here we will show you how easy it is to travel within the city of Vienna by highlighting one of its most striking monuments: the Schonbrunn Palace.

What is the Schonbrunn Palace?

The “palace” as a structure is such a quintessentially European landmark, and Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace is no exception. Like many others throughout the continent, this palace was once used as a royal summer home. Its architecture represents the ideals of the Rococo era and its décor is a faithful depiction of the tastes of Vienna’s most famous monarchs, the Hapsburgs. Go for the gardens and stay for an unexpected benefit: the zoo!

It would be cool enough if the most remarkable thing about this zoo is that it exists on the grounds of a classic European palace, but there’s more: it’s the oldest existing zoo in the world and today, it is considered to be one of the most modern as well. If palace gardens aren’t your thing, this might be the perfect alternative.

And while you stroll through the gardens or the zoo (or both, perhaps?), should you find yourself in need of a refreshment, Cafe Gloriette is right at your service. Offering top notch pastries alongside top notch views of Vienna, this cafe is the ideal place to gather your thoughts and look through your pictures before heading off to your next stop.

Schonbrunn Palace © Martin Shuck

How to Travel to the Schonbrunn Palace from Vienna

Taking public transportation to the Palace is quite easy, since pretty much all types of transport in Vienna have a stop near the palace. If riding the subway, get off at the U4 Schonbrunn station. If riding a bus, use line 10A. When riding Vienna’s tram system, use trams numbered 10, 58, or 60. You can view the maps for the trams and subway system here.

How to Travel with a Vienna Card

If the palace is only the first of many stops on your itinerary, you may want to look into the Vienna Card. City cards are extremely convenient and can save a lot of stress – they cover your transportation and offer discounts into many monuments and museums. The Vienna card covers transportation on all buses, metros and trams within the city, in addition to these benefits:

  • 17% discount on Vienna Airport and City Airport Lines
  • Discounts on guided tours, music, theatre, shopping, and restaurants
  • Valid for 72 hours
  • Includes a coupon book listing all discounts and instructions (provided when you exchange your voucher for the Card)

Don’t forget that after you purchase your voucher for the Vienna Card, you must exchange the voucher within 6 months of the issue date. Once you decide when you’d like to start using the Card, have it validated in one of the blue validation machines prior to your first journey. The Card’s validity period begins at the moment you validate the Card, not at the moment you exchange the voucher.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan out the rest of the stops you’ll make with the Vienna Card — and maybe glance at a few of the other European cities that are ready to be explored if you ever decide to leave Vienna (but we’ll understand if that time never comes).

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