Berlin to Prague by train: From Hip & Modern to Old & Elegant

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Berlin and Prague represent two very different aspects of Europe: the former is the capital of revolution and youth, bursting at the seams with artistic innovation and a fiery, rebellious spirit. The latter is the epitome of classic, elegant Europe, with its steepled architecture and quiet afternoons along the river.

While Berlin’s physical appearance has changed drastically in the decades since WWII, Prague has remained relatively untouched, meaning that between these two historic cities lies a four hour, forty minute trip that spans centuries, wars and cultures. Whether you’re going from the “City of Golden Spires” to the “Millennium City” or back in the other direction, there is much to absorb on this eastern European journey.

You’ll pass through Dresden, now a bucolic place of parks, gardens, and majestic views. You’ll wind through the northern Czech Republic, right along the Elbe River. You’ll discover a region lined with pristine lakes and giant pines, with palaces nestled in between each stretch of wilderness. Make sure to have your camera ready for the large sweeping vistas of unspoiled, mountainous landscape, where life seems to stand unchanged between these thriving metropolises.

And now imagine yourself sitting by the train’s window, a member of royalty surveying the land, in complete speedy comfort. This is the joy of rail travel. The modern meets the timeless.

Distance Between Berlin and Prague: Approximately 174 miles, or 279.97 kilometers.

Photo by Lehnartz GbR Lehnartz, Klaus und Dirk, courtesy of German National Tourist Board, ©Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.
Photo by Lehnartz GbR Lehnartz, Klaus und Dirk, courtesy of German National Tourist Board, ©Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.

How to Travel From Berlin to Prague by Train:

This is a fairly inexpensive train ride, and no train changes are required along the way. Both first and second class service are offered. Trains depart from Berlin HBF (the main station) for Prague Hlavni Nadr and Holesovice stations every two hours.  Point to point tickets can be purchased in advance on our website, and they will be issued as paper documents. Electronic ticketing is not available for this route at this time.

How to Travel from Berlin to Prague with a Rail Pass

In order to use a rail pass on this route, both Germany and the Czech Republic must be included on your pass. If you’ll be traveling to other countries as well, the Eurail Select Pass is a good option, otherwise the Eurail Czech Republic – Germany Pass will have you covered. The pass will cover the ticket price of the train, but you must also reserve a specific seat, which can be done in advance on our website. Reservations generally start at around $13.00 per person.

Onboard the Train

1st Class on board this train is a comfortable environment with air conditioning, luggage racks, multi-functional table, more legroom, individually adjustable seats, power outlets, and newspapers.  Meals and drinks from the restaurant car can be served at your seat for an additional charge.

All travelers in both first and second class will have access to the restaurant car, which offers light snacks and meals as well as hot and cold drinks. The only problem will be trying to tear yourself away from the beautiful view outside the window long enough to grab a bite.

Tips on Traveling Within Berlin and Prague

If either of these destinations sounds like something you’d like to work into your itinerary, check out the train schedules here. Don’t forget to also look into the sightseeing activities and public transportation cards that will help you get around each city when you arrive. If you plan to do most of your exploring by bus or metro, these cards can really save you a lot of money and, more importantly, they cut out the problem of never having exact change when you get on the bus.

As always, feel free to contact our rail experts with any booking questions you may have. Happy traveling!

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    Small tip – Prices in dinning car in Czech part of the route (they call it happy hours) are much lower approximately 50 %.

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    Can you travel from berlin to Prague with a European east pass and german pass?

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