High Speed Rail News: A New Line from London to Bejing?


Imagine going from Great Britain to the Great Wall – by train and in two days flat. This is just one of the exciting ideas gaining traction overseas.

This Idea’s a Beaut: Transport Secretary Lord Adonis of Great Britain announces plans to build a new high-speed rail network. The government is recommending a route between London and Birmingham with a future extension to northern England and Scotland. The project, which would not be completed until 2026, would yield a train that would go much faster than the construction. Like speeds near 400 km/h.

Good as New: The Ashford International Station was recently unveiled following a six-month refurbishment project to create a better station environment for passengers. At a cost of £2.4 million, enhancements include improved lighting, additional seating and toilets on platforms and a coffee bar. So have another latte – a new loo is just around the corner.

Tea Time – From Earl Gray to Oolong: China is in negotiations to build a high-speed rail network to India and Europe with trains capable of running at over 200mph. Passengers could board a train in London and step off in Beijing, 5,070 miles away, in just two days. They could go on to Singapore, 6,750 miles away, within three days. Sound too futuristic? Perhaps. But the future could be here shortly – in only about ten years, when the project’s first phase hopes to be completed.

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  1. Avatar Abreeden says:

    I love this idea , how much will it cost for a round trip economy ticket?

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