High Speed Rail News: High Speed Rail in The U.S.?


America Making Inroads with High Speed Trains?

TGV Train














Will stimulus money bring high-speed rail to fruition? Are the Russians joining the rail race?

High (Speed) Jinks: The Obama administration wants to put 13 new, high-speed rail links between cities in Florida, California, the Midwest, the Northeast and the Northwest. The Transportation Department is working with states to plan train-service upgrades and new rail lines for trains running at speeds of 150 to 220 miles an hour.

Rus-ki: With a maximum speed of 220 km/h, the introduction of Allegro trains will reduce the journey time between Helsinki and St Petersburg from the current time of almost 6 hours down to 3.5 hours. A unique feature of the Allegro service will be that all border and customs procedures will be conducted while the train is in motion.

Making Connections: A father and son discover that getting around Europe is a breeze, thanks to high-speed and regional train service. From the hot, modern ICE trains throughout Germany to the record-breaking TGV in France, the ties that bind hold tight – as speeds top 200 km/hr.

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