Glacier3000: Skiing, Dogsledding, An Alpine Coaster & More


Glacier3000 has something for everyone — even for those of us who are scared of heights! It’s most popular for skiing, but there are a variety of activities for all ages and fitness levels. Here’s a quick glance at everything you can do!

Glacier 3000 rail europe

How to Get to Glacier3000

We started off in Gstaad, which is a great home base to discover this whole region. We used our Swiss Travel Passes to take a bus directly from the Gstaad train station (located in the center of town) to the Glacier3000 cable car station. The bus stop you want is called Col du Pillon — you’ll see the cable car station when the bus pulls up.

Glacier 3000 rail europe

The Cable Car to Glacier3000

The round-trip cable car ride between Col du Pillon and the Glacier3000 summit is discounted if you have a Swiss Travel Pass!

What To Do at Glacier3000

Once the cable car reaches the top, you’ll got a whole list of amazing options: in the winter, you can enjoy skiing, dog sledding, taking a walk across the suspension bridge (the Peak Walk — check it out in the video!), browsing the watch shop, and stopping for a bite in the restaurant. Plus, try to see how many different mountain peaks you can count — you should be able to see 24, including Mont Blanc, Jungfrau, Eiger, and the Matterhorn.

In the summertime, you can also try out the Alpine Coaster: the world’s highest toboggan run!

After Glacier3000

The bus from Col du Pillon back to Gstaad is covered by your Swiss Travel Pass. So that’s two bus rides and a discounted cable car ride, all with your Swiss Travel Pass in the same day. Not bad, right?

Gstaad has plenty of hotels (many of them in the style of the classic Swiss chalet) and is renowned for its luxury shopping and restaurants. Don’t forget to try some “rösti,” a traditional Swiss dish made from potatoes (it’s particularly satisfying on a cold winter day, or after working up the nerve to walk across that Peak Walk up at Glacier3000).

Gstaad rail europe

Gstaad is also part of the scenic railway route called the GoldenPass Line, and in fact the GoldenPass train is the best way to get to and from Gstaad by train in no time (you can get there from either Montreux or Interlaken). And guess what? The GoldenPass is also completely covered by your Swiss Travel Pass. No excuses not to go now!

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