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Game of Thrones lovers, rejoice: we’ve figured out how to reach some of the most stunning Game of Thrones filming locations in Europe by train (and occasionally bus, since it seems they often like to film in semi-remote locations). This list doesn’t cover every single location and we’ve only focused on Europe (there has also been some filming in Morocco), but we hope it helps to fulfill some major wanderlust for Game of Thrones fans!

And I mean, the show itself is stressful enough — your trip to visit these beautiful locations shouldn’t be.

game of thrones filming locations


Dubrovnik, which is usually known as a UNESCO World Heritage site to many avid travelers, is perhaps better known to Game of Thrones fans as King’s Landing.  This is one of the most famous filming locations in the entire series, and tourism in Croatia has seen a positive boost because of it. There is even a Game of Thrones walking tour that will take you around the castle grounds and give more insight into the filming and the location itself. An optional upgrade is available to visit the site that was used to film the scenes in the palace gardens.

To get there: 

  • Zagreb to Dubrovnik: Take a train from Zagreb to Split, then a bus from Split to Dubrovnik. Bonus: it’s actually not difficult to visit Dubrovnik from Italy if Croatia isn’t part of your travel plans — there is a ferry that runs from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik.

game of thrones filming locations


One of the newest filming locations for Game of Thrones, Seville is the setting for portions of Season 5. It’s not hard to see why when you know that the specific location used is the Alcazar (aka the Water Gardens of Dorne), whose dramatic architecture and magnificent colors make it look exactly like it belongs in a movie or TV show. (Bonus: Cordoba is pretty close to Seville and if you’re in the area, you can see the Roman Bridge [aka the long bridge in Volantis]. This bridge wasn’t used in any scenes with actors; the shot of the bridge was just used as a base for the CGI effects used to create the Volantis bridge.)

To get there:

game of thrones filming locations


Girona is a smaller Spanish city known for its proximity to Barcelona (just about 40 minutes by train) and for its beautiful architecture. The architecture is the reason that parts of Season 5 of GOT have been filmed in this little Spanish gem. The city is full of medieval churches, cathedrals, and squares, which gives the feeling of stepping into an entirely different century — and even an entirely different universe.

To get there: Girona is just a quick train ride from Barcelona (tip: when booking a ticket for this route on our site, use the spelling “Gerona” when you search).

game of thrones filming locations


Navarra is a region in northern Spain (you may have heard of the region’s capital city: Pamplona). Filming took place in one of the region’s most famous and striking national parks, the Badenas Reales natural park, which is a desert-like landscape that, much like the Alcazar, looks like it was made for a TV screen. The filming here involved the Mother of Dragons herself along with hundreds of extras — all local people.

To get there: Zaragoza is a good nearby city to use as a base for this excursion, and it can be reached by train easily from Madrid (1 hour 15 minutes); or Seville, if you’ve already explored the filming location there (3.5 hours).

game of thrones filming locations

Northern Ireland – Dark Hedges & Tollymore Forest

Northern Ireland is full of GOT filming locations,which has actually boosted tourism to the country since the show’s start. One of the most striking locations in the series — and in Northern Ireland itself — is the Dark Hedges, the street lined with eerie but beautiful beech trees that were planted in the 18th century. In the series, this is the setting of Kingsroad. And then there’s Tollymore Forest, better known as the Haunted Forest (watch out for those White Walkers), where Theon was hunted and where the Stark children found the direwolf puppies in the very beginning of the series.

To get there:

  • Belfast to Stranocum (which is a nearby stop for the Dark Hedges): Take the train from Belfast towards Londonderry and get off at Coleraine. Walk 3 minutes to the bus station, then take bus 178 towards Ballycastle and get off at Post Office Stranocum. From Stranocum, the hedges are about 2.5 miles, so you can either rent a bike or car, or take a taxi.
  • Belfast to Tollymore Forest: You can’t do this one by train, but you can do it by bus. Take bus 520 from Belfast to Newcastle (the one in Northern Ireland, not the one in England), and then take the “Mourne Rambler” bus, which will stop at Tollymore Forest along with a few other attractions: Newcastle Beach, Hare’s Gap, and more.


What are your favorite Game of Thrones filming locations?

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