Get up to Speed – Fast Trains Series: Meet Italo & NTV’s CEO Giuseppe Sciarrone


Exterior of the Italo © NTV Mario Ermoli
Exterior of the Italo © NTV Mario Ermoli

So what’s the big deal about high-speed rail networks in Europe and at home? Rail Europe brings to you the first in a series of interviews from CEOs of high-speed trains for an inside scoop. We’re featuring their inspirational words on our blog about every two weeks for the next several months. At the end of each post, we’ll ask a trivia question and you’ll have 24 hours to answer in our blog comments. From all correct answers, one winner will be selected to receive two complimentary rail tickets on the featured rail company’s high-speed network – up to a $599 value High-Speed Trivia Sweepstakes. See how fast can you answer!

Read on for the first of our new series: CEO Giuseppe Sciarrone on the newest high-speed trains in Europe, Italo

NTV’s CEO Giuseppe Sciarrone
NTV’s CEO Giuseppe Sciarrone

How did your railway undertaking get started?

NTV was created in December 2006 by a group of Italian entrepreneurs. The founders and main shareholders are Luca di Montezemolo, who is also the President of Ferrari, the ultra-famous Italian sports car maker, Diego Della Valle, owner of luxury brand Tod’s, and Gianni Punzo, a businessman who created in Nola, close to Naples, the Cis, one of Europe’s largest logistic centers. Along with being the CEO of the company, I’m also a founding partner and a shareholder of NTV.

The story I’d like to tell is the one that took place on the 28th of April 2012, when our first train, named Italo, left the Naples station at 7am sharp with passengers on board heading to Milan. That’s a day I will never forget. A day that summarizes and crowns these 5 years of efforts and adventures. I perfectly remember the emotion of that moment because I felt we had accomplished an important goal in our mission. I believe that that day marked a turning point in the history of Italian transportation too, because it marked the end of the era of public monopoly in the railway sector and the beginning of an era of competition, in which travelers can choose. Since then over 4 million people have traveled on our Italo trains, and these results make us incredibly proud.

Where do you see the future of your railway 10 years from now?

I’m confident NTV will be an important reality in the landscape of European railways. We’ll still be operating in the high-speed market, but I’m sure that in a few years we will be able to move into the challenging market of regional transportation too. This is one of our main battles. We’ve been asking the Italian Government and the Regions to finally open up this sector which is still a closed monopoly. Thanks to competition, the Italian HS service is one of the best in the world, where as regional commuters are too often obliged to travel in poor conditions. I’m convinced that only the positive stimulus of competition can enhance the quality of the service and we’re ready and willing to do our part if the Regions will decide to abandon the monopoly system and assign service through tenders.

What can you say to convince Americans, Canadians, Mexicans to take a ride on one of your trains?

To our overseas friends, I’d like to say that Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. To choose to travel across it on board of an Italo train, means to do it in a unique way.Like a journey inside the journey. Italo is the most modern train in Europe: built with cutting edge technology, it provides reclining leather seats, multimedia interactive contents and live TV on the on board Portal, plus an innovative Cinema Coach and free Wi Fi for all passengers.All this put together with a touch of unmistakable Italian style. But I’m confident that the real surprise won’t be the technology, but he ‘human factor’: our young and smiling staff. And, by the way, they’re all fluent in English.

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  1. Avatar Roberta Schwartz says:

    The number 575 stand for the speed of the train. The Alstom AGV 575 is the rail speed world record holder for the fastest train at 575 kilometers per hour.

    1. Avatar Ronald B. says:

      575 as in 575kp/h which is the speed record set by the train.

  2. Avatar Garrett Oler says:

    575 as in 575kp/h which is the speed record set by the train.

  3. Avatar ericaraina says:

    It can go as fast as 575 kilometres per hour!! That is insanely fast!

    1. Avatar Gerrie says:

      Jasmina – die Gafahren von ümberäßigem Netzkonsum aufführt und auf Probleme durch falsche Sitzhaltung hinweißt, jedoch der Meinung ist das Bloggen bildet und Gesund macht.

  4. Avatar Alexandra Harpigny says:

    The 575 stands for the fastest speed the train can travel, at nearly 575 km/hr!

  5. Avatar kathryn williams says:

    Refers to the record setting rail speed of 574.8 –

    1. Avatar kathryn williams says:

      574.8 km/hr

  6. Avatar Jay says:

    575 stands for the fastest speed, nearly 575 km/hr, the train can travel.

  7. Avatar Hilary says:

    The train can go 575 kilometers per hour and that’s what the 575 stands for.

  8. Avatar joeymegatron says:

    “575” signifies the highest speed attained by a test train employing the AGV technology (in a test spring 2007).

  9. Avatar Helen York says:

    “575” is the land rail speed record in kilometres per hour, rounded up slightly, set by a customized Alstrom train (Automotrice Grande Vitesse) in April 2007. The speed record of 574.8 kph still stands. The new high speed trains will not run at that world -ecord speed, but will still be plenty fast at speeds of up to 360 kph!

  10. Avatar David Smith says:

    Canada can only dream of this kind of train travel !!!

  11. Avatar Rebecca Wang says:

    575 is the highest speed that the train can travel at 575 km/hour! Wow! 🙂

  12. Avatar Darren Millam says:

    575 is the potential top speed in kilometers per hour. A little over 357 miles per hour for us in the USA.

    1. Avatar Leatrice says:

      Fride sier:Fyyy fader for en TÖFFING du er!!!! Imopnert over deg vennen!!!:) Höres ut som dere har hatt en helt fantasiks tur igjen vennen! dere får virkelig opplevd masse spdnennee!!:)

  13. Avatar John McCollum says:

    575 refers to the train’s maximum speed in kilometers per hour. Fast!

  14. Avatar El Conductor says:

    575 stands for the fact that it has set a speed record of 575km/h!

  15. Avatar Jeffrey Wong says:

    The 575 refers to the how fast the train can potentially travel – at 575 km per hour! Can’t wait to get on the train, then arrive at the destination before I even know it 😀

  16. Avatar Barb Low says:

    575 refers to the train’s maximum speed in kilometers per hour.

  17. Avatar Luis M Zambra says:

    it refers to the record setting rail speed of 574.8 kilometers per hour for a test train in 2007. It is rounded up to 575 km/h

  18. Avatar svenandgeorge says:

    It refers to the highest obtained speed of 574.8km, rounded to 575 KM/hour

  19. Avatar jdwyer1144 says:

    The 575 refers to the maximum speed it can achieve. or 575KPH

  20. Avatar Nandan Dasgupta says:

    Speed record on 3 April 2007 at approximately 575 km an hour.

  21. Avatar Walton Reddish says:

    The top speed (in kph) attained in testing this train.

    1. Avatar Jayna says:

      I always feel so cheesy trying to pezsrnalioe, but it’s good to know that it does grab some attention. I’ll stop feeling like I total nerd when I write those few lines now.

  22. Avatar Mikey Graziano says:

    it can speed up to 575kph

  23. Avatar Railrider says:

    It is the top speed in K per hour.

  24. Avatar Rob says:

    Top speed of 575 KPH

  25. Avatar Manda says:

    575 refers to the train’s max speed in kilometers/hr

  26. Avatar Sara Perdue says:

    Top speed is 575 KPH! Yay!

  27. Avatar Aurora says:

    top speed is 575! Love it!

  28. Avatar Cindy Lambie says:

    I love trains and travel by trains that is why I started a group page here on Facebook called Travel by train photos and stories and I am inviting all of you to tell us about Europe trains! It would be so much fun to see you there. Thanks Cindy Lambie

  29. Avatar Nancy Lee Pearson Wilson says:

    would love the chanace to travel on a train to experience the wonderful journey it gives you no matter how far you go or where you travel to. Would be awesome

  30. Avatar Tori M says:

    Top speed is 575km/h.

  31. Avatar Cassandra says:

    575 stands for the top speed of 575 km/h!!

  32. Avatar Walter Jones says:

    AGV 575 has the rail speed record as the fastest train at 575
    KpH. Love to travel Europe by train.

  33. Avatar jb1907 says:

    but how long can the train go 575?km/h?

  34. Avatar Tony Albano says:

    Wow, can’t waitThe 575 refers to the maximum speed it can achieve. or 575KPH

  35. Avatar Makikiguy says:

    I have traveled on the high speed trains in Japan, China and Europe. They are great.
    When I return to Europe on holiday, I will travel by train.

  36. Avatar Kathryn Abroad says:

    We loved our Italo train trips from Milan to Florence and Florence to Rome. Very comfortable, easy to book online and print tickets at station, purchasing online also easy.

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