The Delightful Surprise Hidden Inside One of the Most Glamorous Swiss Hotels

c/o Kempinski Hotel des Bains

This is part of our 2017 TalesOnRail Artist in Residence series, where we took two writers — one American and one Australian — through Germany and Switzerland by train. Follow along with our web series on Facebook or YouTube — new episodes air every week.

When you first step in front of the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, you think you’re looking at something out of a Wes Anderson movie. The building looks like something that was created for a film set rather than real life. Fittingly, we were staying here while we filmed episodes of our 2017 TalesOnRail Artist in Residence series, so I guess you could say we were feeling a bit like movie stars.

Hotel lobby, image c/o Kempinski Hotels
Hotel bar, image c/o Kempinski Hotels

The hotel is important to St Moritz for a lot of reasons. St Moritz is a tiny place, but it’s filled with luxurious experiences, from the designer label stores to the beautiful views from atop the mountains, and beyond.  The hotel is no exception — we all agreed that it’s probably one of the most luxurious places we’ve ever seen in our lives.

But possibly the main attraction of St Moritz, and of the Kempinski as well: the water. When you arrive by train in St Moritz you are immediately greeted by the beautiful lake, which is a prominent figure in both winter and summer sports in St Moritz. During the winter, there is actually a horse race that takes place on top of the frozen ice! During the summertime, the lake is a favorite place for boating, windsurfing, swimming, and more.

c/o Kempinski Hotels
c/o Kempinski Hotels

And inside the hotel, you’ll find one of Europe’s best spas. The services are top notch, but one of the main draws is the mineral water that’s being used in the spas. It comes from the Mauritus Spring, a water source that was discovered in the BRONZE AGE. According to the Kempinski website:

“St.Moritz looks back at a long history of the so called Mauritius Spring, which is a natural water source, well known for its purity and health qualities. Back in the year 1535 the doctor and scientist Paracelsus re-discovered the healing qualities of this natural water, which contains above-average concentrations of minerals such as iron (Fe), calcium (Ca), sodium (Na) and hydro carbonates (HCO). This unique blend of natural ingredients and its sour taste, makes the water, which our guests can experience at a tap in the adjacent Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, so special. The Residences and the adjacent hotel are situated right on top of the Mauritius water source, which has supported people in healing and relaxing for more than 3000 years, since its first discovery in the Bronze Age.”

We all tried a taste of the water from the tap — it tasted a bit odd to me at first and definitely needed getting used to, but apparently it’s very good for you! You definitely have to try it when you’re there.

c/o Kempinski Hotels

Who knew that when you checked in to one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, you’d also be checking in to one of its oldest, still-active mineral water springs?

Check out Episode 8 of our TalesOnRail web series for more about St Moritz & this lovely hotel.


Thanks to our friends at Swiss Travel System, Jungfrau Railways, and Interlaken Tourism, who helped to make this trip possible!

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