Swedish Food: Fish, Meatballs & Lingonberry sauce

Learn about the exciting happenings in the Swedish cuisine that no longer deserves its “tasteless porridge” reputation. Let’s have a taste of a cuisine that’s not just fishy, but a way of life for ages.

German Food: Take a Culinary Tour by Train

There’s more to German food than sausage, beer and black forest cake. Yes, this is the land of frankfurters and hamburgers, but there’s so much more. Let’s dig in.

Christmas Cuisine, Italian Style

Celebrate “Buon Natale” where it all began – in Italy, where you won’t find Santa down the chimney or cookies by the tree. Instead, revel in a feast of seven fishes and a witch who bestows gifts on the nice (and coal for the naughty).

Getting To Oktoberfest By Train

Read about the reverly, and plan for a visit next year to Oktoberfest. With 14 tasty tents and plenty of tradition, this is the highlight of Deutchland’s cultural calendar.

Spain’s Wine Regions: Navarra’s Wine Route

Marked by the confluence of Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean climates, Navarra’s location is the show. And being the Basque region, the wine here possesses an independent spirit.

Spain’s Wine Region: Andalucia

Andalucia may be the most varied part of Spain – in every way. Multicultural, architecturally influential and flavorful, the region is home to a wine DO of Poe-etic proportions.

French Crepes Made in Brittany

Just 2.5 hours away from Paris, Rennes, the capital of the Bretagne region, is both savory and sweet. Come taste a different side of France that’s filled with tradition.

German Food from the Black Forest Region

The Black Forest stretches 100 miles along Germany’s southwestern border with France. The region got its name because its forests are so dense the locals called them black. The best way to see it all is truly by driving (yes, Rail Europe is saying this.)