Berlin to Munich: Train Versus Car Versus Bus Versus Plane


berlin munich high speed train

Traveling between Berlin and Munich by train recently got almost twice as fast. The trip used to take over 6 hours, but now, thanks to one of the biggest railway projects in Europe, you can travel from city center to city center in just 4 HOURS. To put that into perspective for you:

Berlin to Munich by car: 5.5 hours, about 90 euros for fuel

  • Make sure you can read German highway signs
  • Make sure you know German driving laws
  • You’ve got to figure out the whole route and make sure you don’t get lost. No pressure!

berlin munich high speed train

Berlin to Munich by bus: 9-11 hours, between 30 – 60 euros depending on date/time

  • Save money, lose hours of your life

Berlin to Munich by plane: 4.5 – 6 hours, 40 – 150 euros

  • Flight time is about 1.20 hours, however we also added the estimated time you’ll need to get to/from the airport, make it through check-in, make it through security, etc
  • Depending on the airline, you may also have luggage fees in addition to the ticket cost. And don’t forget the cost of the taxi or shuttle or metro to/from the airport….


Berlin to Munich by high-speed DB train: 4 hours

  • City center to city center, no long commute to airport
  • No waiting in line to check-in
  • No luggage limit/luggage fees
  • No carbon emissions
  • Food available for purchase on board; can also bring your own snacks and drinks

And here’s a handy diagram to show exactly how much time you’ll be saving with the updated train system… maybe you can even take a day trip to another nearby town with all the time you’ve saved! A German Rail Pass is best for travelers who want to take a few trips by train, as it can help to save on the cost (versus buying individual point to point tickets).

To celebrate this new achievement in railway travel, we want to give 1 lucky winner the chance to experience the German Rail System for his or herself. Follow the instructions here and you’ll be entered for the chance to win a German Rail Pass + a $200 Gift Card for Hotelgift! (Open to US residents only)

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Avatar Brett Steinkamp says:

    Munich to Berlin flight takes 3:25? Uh, no. Closer to 1:25. But like stated above there are the added times to get to the airport, etc

    1. Avatar Amiee says:

      The estimates include getting to airports/stations/bus stops, etc. and are estimates. In general, if you’re already located in the center of a city, getting to the train station and hopping on a high-speed train is faster to get from one city to the next than most other modes of transportation (won’t be the case for EVERY route though, of course!

  2. Avatar Tom Floyd says:

    You also have to get to and from the train stations for fast rail. And does Germany have nothing to see, no countryside to view in between? I’ll take a slow train!

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