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Spain-bound? Hop on the train.

Don Quixote. Tapas. Gaudi and Goya. Spain has left its indelible mark on the senses of our world. From Literature and architecture to artful cuisine and canvas masters, the country has explored creativity and beholden explorers to seek brave new worlds. From the Basque country to Catalonia and the Costa del Sol, through Seville, Granada, Cordoba and of course Madrid, the cities of Spain are anything but plain – even when it rains.

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See Spain at See Level

Spain is home to the indulgent siesta, so shouldn’t getting around this country be as laid back and easy? Between the high-speed AVE, Alaris, Euromed and Altaria trains, you’ll easily and swiftly canvas this country of castanets, cava and bullfighting.

With your Eurail Spain Pass, choose anywhere from 3-10 days of unlimited train travel within a two month period. Want to see the big cities and practice your Spanish and Catalan? Madrid to Barcelona is just over three hours by rail. Go from Alhambra to Mezquita in just over two hours.

Have more specific tastes? Swish and swallow world-renowned Rioja before chugging off to bold Bilbao. Surf San Sebastian or sunbathe on Santander. With rail travel, you can easily start your own Spanish Inquisition into one of the world’s most impressive countries.

Experience Spain today, by train, with the Eurail Spain Pass from Rail Europe.

  Explore Spain today with a Eurail Spain Pass!


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Everyone Loves a Good Siesta, Right?

  Share Your Culture Shock Story & Win a Eurail Global Pass

After a few days of traveling aboard, we get that “Dorothy” sense: We’re not in Kansas, anymore. (Or wherever you’re from).

But that’s part of why we travel.

Tell us your tales of humor, woe or inspiration in our Culture Shock conteston Facebook. The stories with the most fan votes will win a 3-country Eurail Select Pass! Click here to view and vote for other Culture Shock submissions!


Here’s One Traveler’s Culture Shock experience:

When I was a college student, I made multiple trips to Europe and always took advantage of a RailPass. My Grandmother was living on the island of Mallorca at the time, so after visiting relatives in Paris I decided to board a train for Spain to visit her. The journey went well until I got into Spain and became hungry. This was pre-Euro and before debit cards and I had no Spanish currency and the food service on board was only accepting French or Spanish currency, neither of which I had at this point. By the time that the train arrived in Barcelona I was starved so I rushed off the train and headed towards the nearest currency exchange at the station only to discover that it was closed for siesta (afternoon break) which had just started moments earlier. I learned from this experience to always pack food in advance…especially it going to a country that has a siesta as part of their culture!


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