Travel to Romania, Transylvania is the ultimate Halloween treat!

Bran Castle - Romania, image courtesy of Romanian National Tourist Office It seems vampires, nowadays, are drawing much more than blood, they are drawing widespread attention! With various television shows and movies airing, interest in vampire culture seems to be at an all-time high.

Count Dracula is probably the world’s most famous and well-known vampire. Dracula is known to many as a horror film, adapted from the novel by Bram Stoker. However, Stoker had created his story based on a series of stories published throughout Hungary and the Balkans.

Stoker selected Romania as the setting of his book, given it was the birthplace of vampire myths. He chose to model his character after Vlad Dracula from the Transylvania region. He figured in his audience, few knew of him, and those who did, would know of the morbid acts of cruelty committed by him, fitting perfectly into his story.

The story of Dracula, as told by Stoker, has certainly contributed to tourism in Romania, especially to the Transylvania region where you can find Bran Castle, but the country has much to offer aside from Dracula. The striking landscape, rich culture and medieval flair continue to invoke interest in Romania.

A Eurail Romania Pass can help you to explore the folklore, myths and legends that fill this mysteriously wonderful country. Travel from one castle to the next, some will leave you with goosebumps, others with gorgeous views! Romania will be whatever you make of it. It has plenty of scenery to fill your camera’s memory card, it has legends and folklore to fill your travel journals, and above all else, it has welcoming inhabitants who will leave you wanting to come back again and again.

This Halloween, treat yourself to an amazing trip to Romania, the memories created will last much longer than any candied treat! The trick to making your journey truly spectacular is incorporating rail travel into your itinerary. You’ll see so much more than you thought possible. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip. I’ve been to Europe, but never to Transylvania.

    1. akoos says:

      Romania is one of those countries that has a truly authentic feel to it. And when you add the folklore and legends, mysteries and landscape that surrounds it, it makes for a fantastically unique trip! You should definitely try to get there on your next venture overseas.

  2. Vacation says:

    Sound great.
    I am planning on taking a trip this december, but im not sure where yet.
    Anny suggestions?

    Vacation All Inclusive Resorts

    1. akoos says:

      This time of year, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary are all great choices to visit. It depends on what you’re into, where you should go. Skiers prefer Switzerland due to the numerous mountains to ski on. Many people enjoy the variety of Christmas markets and holiday festivals all around Europe. If it were me, I’d head to Switzerland or Germany, both are personal favorites!

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