Travel in Budapest, a Hungarian Treat

Budapest-Szechenyi-BathsIsten hozta Budapest! Or, welcome to Budapest for those who are not fluent in Hungarian! Budapest is a city split by the dark gold Danube by day and the black velvet Danube by night.

Budapest is a quaint city, while it has modern flair, you can embrace old-world architecture all around. On the winding streets of Buda you’ll see the reconstructed castle, and many rejuvenated pink and gold Baroque and Renaissance houses. You’ll also find the thermal baths and the remains of the city walls.

In Pest you’ll come across a combination of Art Nouveau, old turrets, museums, the opera house, banks and elegant shops. Buda and Pest are so close, yet provide completely different experiences for travelers.

Then there is Margaret Island, in the middle of the river between Buda and Pest, here you will find a pleasant English-style park with swimming pools and an open air theater.

Everywhere in Budapest you’ll be able to dine like a galloping gourmet at first-rate Hungarian restaurants, while being serenaded by gypsy music. And definitely visit one of the fine coffee houses, serving rich brews and tasty cakes! One thing is for certain, you will never go hungry in Hungary! Foodies travel to Budapest just to sample the fine cuisine. And when you taste the mouth-watering delicacies, you’ll understand why!

You can reach Budapest by taking a direct train from Vienna (approximately 3 hours). Because Budapest is a larger city, rail service is available from other cities as well, but if you happen to be in Vienna, there is direct service at your disposal.

Budapest is well worth the time it takes to get there, and when you walk around this unique city, you’ll be glad you came! For more information on Budapest, click here.

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  1. One of the best things about Budapest is the architecture, but unfortunately the Nazi’s blew up a lot of Budapest on their retreat from WWll. Including the bridges and obviously the building that was where you see that ugly concrete monstrosity now! It’s such a shame buildings like that spoil my photos of an otherwise amazing place!

  2. Marion says:

    Budapest is a great city, we came (3 girls) from Vienna this summer by train and it was really quick and comfortable. We spent 4 days, and visited a lot of great places like the Buda Castle, Statue Park, we took a bath in the Szecheny bath, it was reall cool. We were a little bit confused, because we did not reserve room before, but we found a small office near the touristinformation called Best Hotel Service and they helped us finding a good studio. I think they have a website:

  3. i’m confused on the whole Buda and Pest thing. there’s buda, pest AND budapest?

    1. akoos says:

      Budapest is one city made up of “Buda” and “Pest”. It’s different sides of the city. You can compare it slightly to the right and left banks of Paris. Before the two sides were unified as one, they were prominently known as Buda and Pest. Hope that helps you a bit!

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    1. akoos says:

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  7. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and it is a lovely place to visit. You can have nice time in the leafy Buda Hills, the historic Castle District, the idylic Margaret Island, superb classical music in the Opera House.

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