Travel to Stockholm, the Venice of the North

Stockholm, SwedenIf you’ve ever spent some time strolling through the winding streets of Venice, or taken a gondola ride under the famed Bridge of Sighs, you simply must take a trip to experience Stockholm, the so-called Venice of the North.

Stockholm is located on the islands between the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren, in Sweden. You’ll want to take a boat ride under the bridges of Stockholm, and you’ll think you’re in Venice!

Be adventurous on your trip to Stockholm and indulge in some great excursions, such as the harbor islands or to Lake Mälaren’s Royal Palace of Drottningholm, with its lovely grounds and 18th-century theater. Or visit one of the many museums, there are over 50 in the city!

Delight your palate with the wealth of culinary offerings in Stockholm. For wonderful food and a taste of history too, don’t miss Den Gyldene Freden, an 18th-century Swedish restaurant in Gamla Stan.

To reach Stockholm, you can board a City Night Line overnight train from Venice to Munich (approximately 7.5 hours). From Munich, you can take another City Night Line overnight train to Copenhagen (approximately 15 hours).

From Copenhagen, you can travel direct by train to Stockholm (approximately 5.5 hours).

In all, this rail adventure will take about 28 hours by rail. The great part about this trip is that two rail segments are overnight trains, meaning you can spend the day in Venice and Munich sightseeing before you board the train. Click here to get more information about Stockholm.

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