Athens, Greece: Travel Tips and Suggested Train Route

Athens, GreeceVisit an ancient city with distinct modern flair. Athens is a place where astonishing ruins share center stage with today’s high-rises, and where archaeological digs proceed alongside construction for a new subway.

On your visit to Athens, be sure to take in the star attraction, the Acropolis, as it rises 200 feet above the city, capped by the magnificent Parthenon. Best seen early in the morning before the crowds arrive, the Acropolis is home to several other exquisite temples as well.

Sample Athens’ bounty as you stroll along the streets. Classic taverna food is hearty fare: eggplant salad, moussaka, and lamb with egg-lemon sauce, all washed down with Greece’s national beverage, retsina wine. Remember, the Greeks dine late, so to experience an authentic Zorba-style evening, don’t even think of going anywhere before 9:00 pm!

To reach Athens will take a bit of time depending on where you’re traveling from, but you will not regret a moment of it! Many travelers include a trip to Greece on their Italian holidays. You can Take the train from Rome to Bari, which will take just over 4 hours on the Eurostar Italia. Once in Bari you will then board the ferry to Patras, there is an overnight service that you can reserve locally, it is approximately 18 hours long.

Upon arrival in Patras, take a train to Athens via Eleon (approximately 2 hours), your final destination! In total, this journey will take roughly 24 hours by train/ferry. It is a great way to see the landscape along the route. Get more information on Athens.

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  1. Fred says:

    The Patras – Kiato (-Athens) railway is reported to be closed indefinitely at the moment.

    1. akoos says:

      Thank you for sharing this information. As of mid-August, the rail service has been suspended, there is bus service available locally from Patras to Athens. It will cost approximately $20 for the bus fare. Buses depart roughly every half hour and journey time is about 3 hours.

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