Nothing Rotten Here – Come to Copenhagen!

Copenhagen, DenmarkThe Summer Season at Tivoli Gardens, now through September 29, 2010

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark – the Tivoli Gardens

Opened in 1843, the Tivoli Gardens is a leafy institution in the heart of Copenhagen. When founded, there was an agreement that three-quarters of its area be dedicated to open space. Which is why you’ll find gorgeous, fragrant flower fields residing next to knuckle-baring rides (one called The Demon – scary!), bandstands and over 30 restaurants.

At various bandstands, you’ll find an abundance of free entertainment. Circus acts, clown shows and pantomime performances provide fun for the family, while for adults there is a wide selection of cabaret, comedians, discos, live jazz and the celebrated Tivoli Symphony Orchestra. And not to be missed – the Tivoli Boys Guard Band, celebrating their 166-year anniversary year. In the evening, check out the gardens’ legendary fireworks displays, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays close to midnight.

Copenhagen, DenmarkAlso on site, you’ll find the Tivoli Aquarium. Here you’ll experience the underwater atmosphere of a real tropical coral reef. 1600 fish, sharks and rays in a 30-meter-long tropical reef.

The Tivoli Gardens – a colorful collage of culture – from flowers to fish to fireworks. And that’s just the tip of what you’ll find in Copenhagen, and in Denmark. Beyond the tales of Hans Christian Anderson and the philosophical musings of Kierkegaard – you’ll find a progressive people who care about each other and the rights of others.

So come explore this Scandinavian land – it’s easy with a Eurail Denmark Pass. And see why the residents have been voted “Happiest People on Earth.” After a visit, you’ll be one of those people, too.

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