Top 10 Reasons to Visit Slovenia

One of Europe’s hidden gems

Are you looking for a great vacation spot? Many travelers agree that Western Europe is quite familiar and comfortable. With that said, you are most likely contemplating a flight to Paris or Rome, nothing wrong with that, but, this Spring, why not be a little more adventurous? Why not travel to Slovenia and experience all this hidden treasure has to offer. You will be surprised and find yourself falling in love with the country…after all, LOVE is right in its name!

Not sure what to do once you arrive? Well, for this blog post, our Top Ten list will provide you with a few ideas, as we bring you our top picks for things to see and do in Slovenia.

The great thing about Slovenia is that it has such a variety of culture and tradition to experience. From regions that are comparable to Venice, to the Alps (where you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in Switzerland!). When you visit Slovenia, you’re visiting a very unique destination where the people are more than welcoming, and the atmosphere is inviting. Plus, many Slovenes speak English, so the fear of a language barrier should not discourage you!

Below you will find our top ten ideas to help make your stay in Slovenia all that you hoped it would be and more!

10. Get lost in thought as you wander around Kostel Castle, found in the Kostelsko region of Slovenia. The surrounding area is chock-full of mystery and wonder. A very fairy-tale type atmosphere can be found here. Be sure to also check out the Nežica waterfall nearby, a great place to snap some photos for the memory book!

9. Right outside Litija, you can take a trail to Bogensperk Castle. This castle is one of the best preserved castles in all of Slovenia. We also suggest exploring the Posavje hills. You can find many bicycle trails along with a terrific horseback riding circuit. Time spent outdoors, taking in the fresh air, is always time well-spent.

8. Take a trip to the Pomurje region and get ready to embrace Slovenia’s largest agricultural region. Here you can watch breath-taking scenery pass by. The biggest draw to this region of the country is the Radenci Health Resort. This resort is one of the top in the region. It is well-known for its over 120 year-long traditions in relieving stress as well as its famous drinking water. Certainly a relaxing way to spend a few days!

7. Also in the Pomurje region is the Banovci Health Resort. This resort is great for those with a keen sense of adventure! It is at this resort where Europe’s very first nudist campground opened, right beside a thermal spring. Go and make some new friends as you strip away your stress, your worries and well, your clothes!

6. Maribor is another great place to add to your itinerary. Maribor is primarily known for its university and cultural attributes. You can enjoy an Opera, catch a show at the theater, or visit one of the numerous museums and galleries. Aside from a dose of Slovenian culture, from Maribor it is also possible to hop on the bus to take you to the cable railway where you can be lifted to the top of Pohorje. At the top, spectacular views await you.

5. If it’s authentic landscape you’re after, you should check out some of the Mediterranean towns on the Adriatic coast. Cities and towns found in the Karst region will help inspire you to explore. Olive groves, and vineyards along with peach orchards and cherry trees fill the region. Plus, under this amazing setting is one of the most beautiful underground worlds found on Earth. This region is home to more than 8,000 Karst caves. Visitors are able to explore 20 of these limestone treasures. Wander through and truly appreciate the mysterious atmosphere all around you.

4. Ljubljana is not only the capital of this welcoming country, but it is the melting pot of Slovenia as well. When you visit this city you will notice cultural influences from all regions of Slovenia. There is much to do in Ljubljana, from a trip to the castle to its thriving cultural achievements including one of the oldest Philharmonics in the world. Depending on when you travel to Ljubljana, you can also find a selection of cultural events to attend, the city hosts more than 10,000 a year!

3. After getting your fair share of culture in Ljubljana, spend an afternoon on the Ljubljanica River, enjoying a tranquil and serene boat ride. After, meander through the city, stopping at Tivoli Park. Nearby the park you can find the Botanical Garden, or simply continue on to have some fun at the Ljubljana Zoo. This will be a day children and adults can enjoy together!

2. Idrija is where the tradition and practice of lace bobbin in Slovenia comes from. For all of you crafters or collectors of fine lace products, this is the stop for you! While you go off in search of the perfect table runner and matching doilies, your travel companion can check out the once world-important Mercury mine and Gewerkenegg Castle, housing various museum collections.

1. A visit to Slovenia MUST include a trip to the Julian Alps. Get yourself to the top of Mount Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. Below the peak of the mountain, lying between two rivers you’ll come to Triglav National Park. This is a sanctuary for plants and animals that are specific to the region. Picturesque views will take your breath away. With a range of peaks in the Julian Alps, outdoor sports are in abundance so get ready to have some fun!

Don’t be afraid to travel outside your comfort zone, rather, expand your comfort zone by traveling to new and exciting destinations. With anything new comes the feelings intimidation and anxiousness. Traveling to a new country for the first time should be exciting so, kick those feelings of nervousness to the curb and get ready to embark on your next big adventure. Your trip will be as great as you make it, so live it up and enjoy every minute!

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  1. Matiaz says:

    You can (geographically) explore Slovenia in this flash game by visiting different places (well-known tourist attractions).

  2. Burton says:

    Y…ou are quite right Slovenia is a hidden jewel I travelled there last year and had a friend that took me all over the country from one end to the other and I am going back this year .I am thinking about retiring there…..Bwj

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