London: Like a Local – with Peter Greenberg [Video]

Rail Europe recently had the opportunity to partner with legendary travel reporter Peter Greenberg for a radio show that was recorded on board the Eurostar train and aired on April 28, 2012. During his visit to Britain, Peter Greenberg put together two video clips highlighting the best ways to get around London and England. We couldn’t agree more with Peter – taking the train is indeed the best way to experience Britain like a local! Check out below the first video of the series which he filmed at London’s St Pancras station and be sure to visit for more information about his radio show.

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Peter Greenberg – and this is London: Like a Local. Train travel is a must for locals in London. With the new Olympic Stadium built for the 2012 Summer Games, locals have yet another reason to catch the train and enjoy the new London landmark.

Even if you’re not planning on attending the 2012 Olympics – that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for you. Find out how the locals will continue to use the park after the games are over.

And one of the biggest problems for locals – whether your going to the games or not – is how to get around.

You don’t want to stay right at Olympic Park. Use the train – like the locals do! One of the major hubs is right here at St. Pancras station – and it is one of many, including Kings Cross station — that have made some major changes getting ready to host the sporting events.

The station is practically a destination in its own right. So if you’re arriving in London for the Games, don’t jet right to the park. Explore the area. My favorite stop is St. Pancras Grand – a whisky and oyster bar. It’s great place to immerse yourself in British culture – through food!

Or here’s an idea. How about starting the journey in a different country altogether?

That’s right. Rail Europe combines train schedules and maps from different European rail companies so North American travelers can plan ahead. For example, fly into Paris and take the Eurostar train right here to St. Pancras station where you can board the new Javelin train straight to the Games.

The train is the fastest way to get to the park – and it’s how the locals travel. It’s literally an 8- minute journey from the station to the park and you avoid the crowds.

Headed to the games? Tickets can range anywhere from $30 for qualifying events to $3,000 for opening and closing ceremonies. US citizens can buy tickets through CoSport. And if you’re really a last-minute kind of traveler, you may be able to get remaining inventory through the official Olympic site,

Even if you’re not planning to go to the Olympics, that doesn’t mean the experience is over. After the Games, Olympic Park will be officially called the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Some sections will be transformed into an urban park and wetlands, It will also be home to a university sporting center and local sports clubs. And in a couple of years, you’ll be able to relive the events at the Olympic Museum.

I’m Peter Greenberg and this is London: Like a Local.

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