High-Speed Rail News #22: The Fastest Trains In The World

The World’s Fastest Trains: Blink and you Might Miss Them.

TGV High Speed Train
France's TGV achieved the world's speed record for a conventional commercial train in 2007, reaching a speed of 357 mph.

The fastest trains in the world are found in both Europe and Asia – some speeding past at 300/kmh. Learn more about these bullet beauties, where aerodynamic form dictates function. Design is also on display with Bombardier’s latest ZEFIRO train, and the forthcoming Jean Nouvel station in Paris. This and more in the latest round up of high speed rail news.

  • The Five Fastest Trains in the World: We know high-speed rail has been a standard mode of transport for decades in Europe and Asia. Traveling at average speeds of 150 mph, trains have revolutionized the way masses travel across both short and long distances. But here in America, Amtrak’s Acela Express from Boston to Washington, D.C. is the closest train to high-speed we have. What are the fastest trains in the world? How many have you traveled on?
  • Austerlitz Gets a Fashionable Facelift: The historic Gare d’Austerlitz train station is to be renovated by famed Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel. The 600 million euro project is designed to upgrade the station and its surroundings. This overwhelming undertaking is expected to be completed in 2020. Originally built in 1840, this is one of Paris’s six main stations, and serves two metro lines: one Paris regional rail, and multiple national trains to southwest France. With 23 million passengers per year, the SNCF is hoping…
  • A New Hero in Train Design from Bombardier: The groundbreaking “very high speed” train called ZEFIRO combines aerodynamic efficiency to reduce energy consumption, with a distinctive appearance, which reflects Bombardier’s state-of-the-art technologies. This latest generation train has won two prestigious prizes in both the USA and Germany: the iF Product Design Award and the Good Design Award. What are the expectations of this “very high speed” train?
  • Chi-Town to the Spirit by 2014: Construction on the Chicago to St. Louis high-speed rail link is now in progress, and should be completed within the next two years. Students from Washington University were heavily involved in the project, as a large portion of them call Chicago and its surrounding areas home. Their hope is the train, which should travel at a maximum of 110mph, will help promote cooperation between the two cities. Where is funding coming from?

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