Frecciarossa & Frecciargento: Trenitalia’s High-Speed Rail Lines

Frederic LangloisOur President and CEO, Frédéric Langlois, contributes monthly to our High Speed Rail News blog series.  Sharing his passion for travel and high-speed rail of which he is considered an expert. With over 17 years in the industry, Langlois sits on the Advisory Boards of the German National Tourist Office, the French National Tourist Office and hotel giant Accor. In addition, he has appeared on cable news discussing the future of high-speed trains in the United States.

Traveling in Style at 200 mph

Italy has invested time, money and Italian know-how to build a high speed rail infrastructure and high speed trains that are shining examples of sleek Italian style.

The two high speed trains or “arrows” as they are known by the locals are the Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) and the Frecciargento (Silver Arrow).

The Frecciarossa connects the cities of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples/Salerno

The Frecciargento connects the cities of Rome, Verona, Venice, Bari and Lecce

High speed trains have significantly reduced travel time between many cities. They can be credited for making more of Italy more quickly accessible and even reshaping the way travelers manage their trips to make the most of their valuable vacation time. Travel from Milan or Venice to Florence takes only 2 hours; while travel from Rome to Naples takes 1 hour and 10 minutes and Rome to Milan only 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Frenciabianca Esterno Train

The journey begins on the platform at the train station, where travelers are greeted by staff and welcomed on board. They are directed to their seats and at this point can even make a change in their reservation (for free!)

Once on board the spacious seating allows travelers to simply relax or stay connected via the wifi available on board. The interiors on the sleek high speed trains are elegant, spacious and comfortable, designed with the needs of the traveler in mind.

 The Service on board is in true Italian style too – a welcome drink is served to first class passengers  and  Illy coffee, choices of fresh (not pre-packaged) foods and snacks are served at your seats. The dining tables in the dining car are draped with Frette linens – a little luxury also enjoyed by Popes and Italian royalty for over 150 years!

First Class on the Frecciarossa
First Class restaurant car on the Frecciarossa

Wherever you go on the high speed trains in Italy, you will always arrive in style. The country’s state railway connects travelers to their destination quickly, easily and efficiently. The state railway’s dedication to providing its travelers with comfortable, fast and socially responsible forms of transportation are evident not only in the little touches on board but also right outside your train window. They planted about 1 million trees and shrubs along the Milan to Bologna high speed line to help neutralize the effects of the CO2 emissions – this has also made for a more scenic train journey!

So hop on board an “arrow” train and explore Italy!

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  1. Brian

    On a recent trip to Italy we travelled on a Frecciargento train from Roma to Venice. It was a wholly positive experience and made us realise why England needs a high speed network. Hopefully one day we will be able to travel by high speed train from the North of England to Rome.

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